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Edelweiss - the digital publisher preview

Image: Edelweiss – the digital publisher preview has been successful on the English speaking market for a while.

During the last eight years, EDELWEISS+, a digital publisher preview platform, has turned into an important connection between publishers and the book trade. Prestigious US-American publishing houses now use EDELWEISS+ as their most important preview platform. Recently, EDELWEISS+ has also found its way to Germany, and this is where tredition made their first experiences with this platform. Of course, tredition also offers the same service to their English speaking customers: all books published with tredition will be announced via a digital catalogue on EDELWEISS+ – without any additional costs to the authors. Find out how you can profit from this unique opportunity, too, and how a presence in a digital publisher preview can increase your sales.

Tredition uses the digitial publisher preview on EDELWEISS+

“preview digitally – use the book trade more efficiently”

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Image: EDELWEISS+ logo

The American service provider Above the Treeline revolutionized the book market in the USA with their digital publisher preview in the form of the online catalogue EDELWEISS+. The company’s boss John Rubin created the first online catalogue with ordering capabilities for the book trade in 2008. Prestigous publishing houses like HarperCollins, Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, and Random House quickly followed, and replaced their classical publisher previews with the digital version – this led to the breakthrough of the EDELWEISS+ catalogue software. The digital preview that works for all publishing houses is now a vital part of the US publishing world and would be sorely missed if it was gone.

In 2015, the American provider – in cooperation with the German company Harenberg Kommunikation, entered the German market. This is when tredition first started working with EDELWEISS+. tredition is using the book catalogue’s services for their German as well as their English speaking customers.  Sönke Schulz, tredition’s manager, is optimistic about the potential behind the digital technology of EDELWEISS+: “We see EDELWEISS+ as an instrument that can increase our publishing clients’ and our own authors’ profit. There are many tools to present titles on the platform, you can put them together in a fresh way again and again, and sell them.”


Analogue or digital publisher preview – what’s the deal?

Image: Book traders can access your books in real time and with the most current information available!

Image: Book traders can access your books in real time and with the most current information available!

The benefits of a digital publisher preview are obvious even though it took a while until digital previews became widely popular. Classic previews can’t always meet the requirements of book traders in a timely manner – for example when it comes to book tables, seasonal book offers, or current reader inquiries. Publishing house representatives usually drop in with their publisher’s catalogue once every half year. In addition, these printed previews are also a huge cost factor for publishing houses. For book traders, these catalogues also come with a price – because it takes work hours to get through them. These are clear arguments against a classic published preview.

A digital catalogue, on the other hand, promises an up-to-date connection to the book trade. Digital data in a platform that spans publishing houses offers the same information as a classic publisher preview – but with just one click, at any time. Not only that: an online catalogue, in addition to all the meta data about a book that a classic preview offers, also offers a variety of additional information like reading recommendations, links to the book, reviews – on a day-to-day basis. Book traders can access new releases or backlist titles from any publisher. The digital catalogue does not only offer book traders a lot of additional information about a book, but also access to media content like videos, reading samples, press articles, and a lot more. All information that were supplied by the publisher are immediately accessible. An additional, unbeatable benefit for authors is the submission of a so-called sales pitch for the book. Book traders can see this – and can use it to match readers with exactly the right book for their needs.



Image: A view of the display window to the book on Edelweiss+.

The wording’s quality turns into a central point of importance for publishers and authors. To make this additional information about your book accessible, we currently work on giving you the chance to directly use our platform to feed this information as well as additional media data about your book to the digital platform of Edelweiss+. Book traders then use this data to find the best titles to pass on to their readers. This means: if the information about your book is well aimed at your target group, i.e. the book traders and readers, the better your chances at good book sales are.

More and more book traders use Edelweiss+. Being able to research current titles is not the only attractive feature for them: it is also the fact that books can be ordered directly and easily. The software also works as ordering tool which sends the order to the appropriate address. According to inventor John Rubin, 95% of all books sold on US trading tables were ordered via the Edelweiss+ software.

It is a breakthrough success which also make a noticeable difference in authors’ sales and profit.

This is how you profit from a publisher preview as an author

tredition was the first self-publisher service provider in Germany to offer clients the unique opportunity to be listed in the Edelweiss+ catalogue. tredition now also offers the same service to their clients on the English speaking market. The presence in Edelweiss+’s catalogues is a direct dialogue with the book trade and professional readers (press, bloggers, community pages, etc.) – and at no extra cost to the author!

Edelweiss+’s title catalogue.

Image: A look into Edelweiss+’s title catalogue.







Your benefits through Edelweiss+

  • tredition lists all editions of all books published with us – for no extra cost – directly after their release date!
  • Your title will be accessible for book traders’ research at no cost to them.
  • So-called professional readers like members of the press, journalists, bloggers, etc. can also access the catalogue for free.
  • In addition, you will also reach the end customer because each reader can register on Edelweiss+ for free.
  • Your increased presence and searchability of your title for the book trade, press, and readers will lead to an increase in you sales.


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