Comparing Self-Publishing offers

Numerous companies offer self-publishing services to authors. Some of them have been around for years and therefore their offer must meet certain authors’ demands. However, comparing offers and finding the best solution for oneself is tricky and time consuming. This overview shows how different the services, prices and packages are that some of the leading self-publishing companies offer.








Paperback incl. $ 0 $ 49 $ 0 from $899 from $452
Hardcover incl. $ 0 $ 49 n.a. $ 350 + Paperback Package from $ 666
eBook incl. $ 0 $ 25 $ 0 only with Paperback Package from $149
Digital Formatting, epub conversion (PDF to epub+mobi) incl. from $ 799 $ 0.60 per page n.a. n.a. from $149
e-Book, Paperback and Hardcover with one click only at tredition n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.
One-on-one author support incl. incl. incl. incl. incl. incl.
ISBN from publishing company incl. incl. n.a. $ 0 – $ 99 incl. $29
Online Cover designer incl. incl n.a. incl n.a. n.a.
Online typesetting only at tredition






Author Volume discounts incl. incl. incl. incl. n.a. incl.


Amazon Look Inside incl. incl. incl. incl. incl. incl.
Google Preview incl. incl. incl. n.a. incl. incl.
Barnes & Noble Read Instantly incl. n.a. incl. n.a. incl. incl.
Social Media incl. $ 5,299 n.a. n.a. $ 4,999 n.a.
Writing of press release + distribution to news sites incl. $ 499 n.a. n.a. $ 429 n.a.
Edelweiss catalogue listing only at tredition n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.
Free review copies incl. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.
Author website incl. $ 379 n.a. n.a. $ 379 from $240

We cannot assure that all information is current and that we understood the offer completely. Nonetheless, we have compiled the above information as fair and accurate as possible. Understanding offers correctly is part of the challenge for authors.

How do I make self-publishing offers comparable?

To find the self-publishing company that best fits your demand, you need to find out what your demand is. A few helpful questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I want to do everything by myself? Typesetting, proofreading, cover design…
  • How much time do I have available for that?
  • What are my skills? Do I really know how to do modern typesetting?
  • Do I have all tools or software for a professional book design? Do I need to purchase expensive software such as Adobe InDesign for a one-time use?
  • Do I need personal support?
  • Do I know how to market a book? How can I reach my audience?
  • How do I know that the marketing packages from self-publishing companies work?
  • They all say they distribute through retail. But are my books really available with short lead times or will it take a week or more until the reader receives a book?
  • …much more

A suggestion to compare self-publishing offers

  1. Compile all aspects of your book publication that are important to you.
  2. Put them in a spreadsheet like our table above.
  3. Compare offers from the various companies covering your criteria – not what they put in packages.
  4. Ensure that what the company offers is really true. Check the availability for printed books at online and brick and mortar book stores.
  5. Review references and try to get in touch with authors to get feedback about the offer you are about to choose.
  6. Determine the cost and verify them with the company you have chosen. If that is within your budget and you think it is a fair offer, you have found what you are looking for.

Of course, this is an abstract way to describe how to find the best self-publishing company. And of course, we would like to be the outcome of your selection. That is why we only offer one package that really includes everything authors need and that has proven to be very efficient and profitable. By this, we are fully transparent with no hidden costs and no useless services.

We will never call you to sell you more!

You do not need to provide personal information to get a “free guide”!

You can finish your entire book project online and do not need to pay anything!

We don’t make any special deals because we have a great deal!

As stated, the companies in our table above have been in business for some time. Since they are still there, demand for their service must be there. Just like in the automobile industry, people may by an affordable and perfectly engineered car. Fewer people buy a Ferrari at 10 times the price and are also happy. At the end though, they bought a car that drives….