Book Marketing for your Book

We actively promote each book published with tredition so readers, book sellers and journalists quickly discover its publication. Our experience shows that good public relations are essential to the success of any book.

Our marketing department creates an individual press release for each book which we then publish on more than a thousand press portals and news feeds. A unique feature of tredition is that we list your book in the Edelweiss+ catalogue – the book market’s leading catalogue for sourcing new books, special interest books and much more. !

… a few Highlights!

Public relation for every Book
Personal Author and Book Webpage
Publisher’s preview Edelweiss+
Book Trailer Templates

Our marketing strategy

Public relation for every Book

We write a professional press release for each individual book, which we distribute to more than a thousand news portals and selected media. Furthermore, we promote your book with seasonal events and various other occasions. On average, every book published with tredition will be reviewed in at least one press medium. Our book titles have already been introduced and discussed in thousands of press articles.

Social Media Marketing

Via our Facebook channel we introduce every newly published book to our “friends” and “followers”. Recommendations make it possible for us to easily reach several thousand potential readers and book lovers.

Personal Author and Book Webpage

Authors can create their own author webpage – free of charge. Promote yourself and your book with news, reviews, references, videos etc. This gives readers, booksellers or journalists a good comprehensive picture of you and your books.

Promotional content for your book


Book Trade Marketing

We regularly introduce a selection of titles from our tredition publication program to book stores, including a short profile. Naturally, we take the book stores’ priority into consideration (e.g. travelling literature).

Election of the “Book of the Month”

Once a month, our editors select the “Book of the Month”. This chosen title benefits from several special marketing measures. For example, it will be highlighted within our social network platforms and can earn a special mention within book marketing.  The “Book of the Month” will also appear on the and homepages.

Book Trailer

tredition provides a variety of templates with which you can easily design a professional trailer for your book. This kind of marketing makes you stand out from the crowd. Take a look at these examples:

Sample Layouts

Retrievability via search engines

We publish books of all genres. For the success of a book it is essential that it can be found through as many channels as possible. Our professional marketing strategies guarantee that the book titles are easily traced through search engines. Only several weeks after its publication, a book published by tredition can be found over a thousand times within many search engines.

Free Review Copies

On demand of journalists, bloggers and public relations we send free copies for discussions and reviews. Authors are not charged for this service.

Publication in Book Communities

Selected books will be listed on the most significant book and literature communities such as goodreads. Here, literature enthusiasts can read up on new books.

Book Marketing for Text Books, Educational and Non-Fictional Books

Many thousand libraries, research institutes, companies and public authorities are informed via educational service providers on text books, educational and non-fictional books. Our books are directly presented in detail to those potential customers as purchase recommendations. These are companies like Newbooks Solutions.

Blog Marketing

Selected books are directly recommended to book and literature blogs and, in coordination with the author, we offer review copies, reading samples, author’s interviews, prize draws and cooperations.

Price Campaigns with Amazon Deals

At least once a month we introduce one or several selected eBooks on Amazon Deals in coordination with the authors. These books are then promoted via a discount campaign on Amazon.

Tips for Self-Marketing

Help promote your book and make it a success by self-marketing. No one knows the target group as well as you. In “My Account” you can find many tips on self-promotion, just click on “Marketing”…/my-account/

Get a professionally written review by Self-Publishing Review!

Self-Publishing Review has been at the forefront of indie author services for a decade, and has appeared in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and The Guardian as a resource for promotion, editing, and reviews of books. We at tredition have a special offer for our authors. If you publish with us you’ll get a discount of 10% at Self-Publishing Review- no matter where you’re from. Authors can choose from three options:

SPR Review

  • Jump Start Review
  • Classic Review
  • Lead Story Review

The offer doesn’t only include reviews but SPR editing, Amazon Mailing Promotions and a free author interview as well.

Amazon Mailing Promotions

  • SPR Amazon Review Packages: Get 10, 20 or 30 Amazon verified customer reviews when you promote your book through SPR’s mailing promo service. You can even get sales, Top #20 category ranking.
  • SPR Amazon Ranking and Reviews Packages: Get sales, Top #20 category ranking, and Verified Customer Reviews with SPR’s Amazon Bestseller Packages.

Inform us

During the course of our marketing, we are happy to make reference to your readings and book reviews.

In order to generate the most possible interest on your book, you can inform us via e-mail about appointments of events regarding your publication or similar news about your book.