The Process: simple and professional

Presumably, it has taken you quite some time to write your book and you have invested much passion and effort. You are now ready to have your book published in an optimal manner. tredition is the right partner to place your book on the market in excellent quality, all over the world. You are only a few steps away from publication.

During the publishing process, we focus on simple steps, user-friendliness, personal support, and optimal results. In our tutorial “The process of publishing a book”, we show you how to submit your book to tredition.

… just a few final Steps!

1. Design your Cover
2. Upload the Interior
3. Three Books in one Click
4. Book Review by tredition
5. Worldwide Distribution

How to publish your book

Start the publishing process and continue as follows:

Select a design

Select from one of our many cover designs and adapt it to your individual style.

Create a cover online

Adapt the colors, fonts, and other elements of the cover. If you wish, you can insert your own picture.

Create your own cover

Of course, you can also use your own personally designed cover. You can find information
on the dimensions in step one of the publishing process.

Receive your ISBN and upload your book

Obtain your personal ISBN here, and then simply upload your book.

Upload your Book File

You can upload your manuscript in PDF, Word or ePub Format. Try our automated typesetting!

Automated typesetting ex Word or ePUB

This tool will automatically generate a correctly set book interior from your Word or ePUB file.

Determine the price and royalty

You determine the selling price of your book. The amount of your royalty is indicated instantly.

Proof copy and author’s copies

You can order a proof copy to check your book prior to publication. During and after publication,
you can order author’s copies at a reduced price.

How tredition works