The Interior of your Book

Making a book ready for publication requires that the interior follows common standards on the book market. This applies to both the structure of the first pages and the format in which the book is made. We do not only consider the content of your book to be important, but a professional outer appearance is essential too. To simplify things for you, we provide many aids enabling you to turn your manuscript into an appealing and correctly set book in no time.

Automated Typesetting ex Word or ePUB

Many authors start their book with a text in a Word document. Once they have finished writing, they then wonder how to turn their text into a printable layout. This problem is solved by our online converter. This tool will automatically generate a correctly set book interior from your Word document. Conversion from an ePUB file into a printable interior is also possible with this tool. If you have only published a book as an ePUB, you can now convert it into a printable book with just one click (ePUB2Print). Check our video tutorial “How to use tredition’s automated typesetting”.

The Right Design for every Author

Have a look at the templates that we provide for the automated typesetting and find your appropriate Design. Our technology will convert your document into this layout and in your desired book format during the publishing process. Try this service for free without any obligations!

How does it work?

Simply start the publishing process by uploading your Word or ePUB file under “Content”. Then select a design, click “upload” and our online converter tool will convert your document into a correctly set Word file which you can check and properly revise. If you have used any other form of word processing program besides Microsoft Word, it is possible to save your files as “.docx”. This format is the prerequisite for an upload into our technology.

automatic typesetting

Image: How our online converter tool for automated typesetting works

Your own Typesetting

If you are used to formatting in word processing programs, you can generate a typesetting according to your own style and submit the interior of your book to us as a PDF. Please go through our checklist and remarks regarding the structure of a book (available in our download area) to make sure that the form of your book is correct. Alternatively, you can download one of our format templates with a pre-set structure, whereby you simply have to paste your text and format according to the parameters of the template. Please note that your book must have a minimum of 24 pages and a maximum of 900 pages.

Help from Experts

Do you need help in typesetting or the illustration of individual pages in the interior of your book? Simply find an expert within our expert network.

Copyright Page

Each book must contain a copyright page providing key information about the book. This information is already included in our templates. An example copyright page is also given on the right. If  you automatically publish your book in three different formats (Paperback and Hardcover edition, eBook), at tredition, we recommend that all three related ISBNs be specified on your copyright page.

Example copyright page with mandatory information:

© 2016 Name of the author/owner of the copyright

Edition (if not first edition)
Cover design and illustration: Name or institution
Editor, proof-reading: Name or institution
Translation: Name or institution
Further participants or partners: Name or institution

Publisher: tredition, Hamburg, Germany

ISBN Paperback: 978-3-XXXX-XXXX-X
ISBN Hardcover: 978-3-XXXX-XXXX-X
ISBN eBook: 978-3-XXXX-XXXX-X

Color Pages

The interior may contain color pages as well. You can choose if a book is in black and white or color. The entire surface up to the trimming edge can be printed in color. Please bear in mind that color pages are more expensive to print which leads to an increase of the retail price of your book. You can check the minimum sales price of your book with our price calculator.