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eBook Publishing at tredition

tredition makes it very easy for you to publish an eBook. All you have to do is to upload your book as a PDF and we will convert it into an eBook file which can be read on any reader. As the publication of an eBook the conversion is already included in our offer, so this service is free of charge! We do however, strongly recommend that you do not publish your book as an eBook alone as you could miss out on a huge sales potential. Read more facts about the share of eBooks on the book market (see facts about the eBook market further below).

Making an eBook – It’s so easy with us

Successful publication of contents as an eBook requires file formats for all e-readers, a flawless eBook file and widespread availability. We will take care of this for you. All you need to do is upload the interior of your book as a PDF document in the publishing process, we will then convert the document into the common eBook formats ePUB and Mobi.

We will ensure that your eBook can be read on any eBook reading device. We publish your eBook and ensure that it is available at all major eBook shops.

A large part of the conversion to different formats is done manually, all paragraphs and images need to be checked to ensure that they are properly displayed. Converting your file into the correct format is a prerequisite for our eBook distribution, it is included in our publishing package and you do not have the effort of having to convert your document yourself. Exceptions are stated in §8 (3) of the book contract.

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Making an eBook

eBooks can be published on numerous platforms, occasionally for free. In most cases however, authors are left alone when it comes to making their own eBook. They can convert their text file into an ePUB with software like Calibre or Jutoh, but the ePUB then has to be validated and edited this is a time-consuming task. Furthermore, expert knowledge in eBooks is often necessary.

At tredition, we take the strain away from authors. When publishing an eBook, we generate the eBook files professionally and convert the text files into the common formats ePUB and Mobi. In addition, we publish the book as a Paperback and Hardcover edition.


When publishing an eBook, the Terms and Conditions of royalties need to be considered. You should thoroughly check your final royalty payment. For further information in this regard, please go to Comparing offers. Thanks to many service providers, it is rather simple to publish and distribute eBooks, however, one must keep a close eye on the conditions. Here at tredition, we will not leave the success of your eBook and printed book to chance and so promote every book actively. For more information about our marketing services – also rendered for every eBook we publish – please go to Book marketing.

Facts about the eBook Market

In the media, self-publishing is often reduced to eBooks. This leads to the impression that eBooks are far more popular than printed books. In truth however, it is quite complex to establish a comprehensive distribution of printed books, which is why many self-publishing service providers exclusively publish eBooks.

An author deciding to publish a book only as eBook should be aware of the following risks and developments.

  • From the Association of American Publishers (AAP) report for 2015: “After peaking in 2013 at $3.24 billion, eBook revenue declined to $3.20 billion in 2014 and again in 2015 by 11.3% to $2.84 billion. Unit sales also declined by 9.7%.”
  • eBook prices reduce rapidly: In order to gain attention in the highly competitive eBook market, many self-publishers offer their eBooks at dumping prices of $0.00 or even for free. Accordingly, the revenue per sold copy reduces as well.
  • Some very few titles, especially from large fiction trade publishers, account for the largest portion of the market share. Self-published titles on the other hand, find it difficult to be part of the market growth as retailers prefer the easy way in digital business and focus on promoting the popular authors of large publishers.

Don’t count on eBooks alone

The unit sales of the three book formats in the US book market are shared as follows:

  • Paperback: 1.18 billion
  • Hardback: 577 million
  • eBook: 424 million
  • Children’s Board Books: 89 million
  • Physical Audio & Downloaded Audio: 81 million
  • Other: 107 million

Should you intend to publish a novel only as eBook but not as Paperback and Hardcover, you will miss out on 83% of potential sales and royalties.