Design Template or Self-Designed Cover?

Publishing with tredition equals flexibility and creative freedom! Use one of our professionally developed cover templates and personalize it according to your wishes. In our tutorial “Using tredition cover templates” we walk you through using our cover design tool. Alternatively, you can design your cover entirely on your own. Everything is possible!

Numerous Templates for your Book Cover

There are numerous cover templates in various book formats at your disposal. Each template comes with several designs that you can use to customize your cover. For example, you can embed your own pictures or texts, deactivate certain elements and incorporate a broad variety of colors and fonts. See below what your cover could look like:

Examples created with our cover templates

Your Individually Designed Cover

You can also upload self-designed book covers. We provide the exact dimensions during the first step of publishing. You can also download your barcode, ready to be placed on your cover. Make sure to save your self-designed cover in CMYK color mode (four color mode). If you submit your images, photos or covers in RGB color (three color mode), they will be converted to CMYK for printing. This may result in slight shifts in color. All books are produced in digital print.

Dimensions of your book cover

The dimensions of your cover depend, among other things, on the book format, the number of pages,  the paper used in the interior and the cover type, all of which influence the width of the spine.

The outer grayed-out margin of the cover is the “bleed”, also known as the trimming edge. Elements placed in this area will not appear in the printed book as the trimming edge – as the name implies – will be trimmed, i.e. cut off after binding. Should you wish for any images to extend to the edge of your cover, make sure to have them extend well into the trimming edge. This avoids undesirable white stripes which may occur if the trimming edge is not accurately met.

Find the exact dimensions  of your covers in the first step of your book project (compare examples on the right).

Paperback (Example)

Cover dimensions paperback

Hardcover (Example)

Cover dimensions hardcover


A barcode containing the ISBN must be placed on the back cover of printed books. You can download the barcodes for your book the tab “Cover” of the publishing process by clicking on the corresponding button. Please reserve a space of 390 x 320 pixels / 1.3 inch x 1.0 inch for the barcode on the back cover of your book. The background of the barcode is white to make sure you book can be properly scanned at cash registers.