Book Publishing at tredition: Easy and Professional

Being a publishing house, it is important to us that our authors receive the best publishing service, having invested so much time and effort into writing your book. This is why we have put together one single package offering the widest range of services for every author and every book. We believe that this combination of services will achieve the best publication results and the highest possible sales potential.

What makes Publishing at tredition unique?

The range of services offered by tredition can best be described as follows – we offer the freedom of self-publishing and active marketing, combined with all the services and product quality of a publishing house. This means that our authors are entirely free as regards to their content, layout and rights as well as the choice of their books’ sales price and the option to publish immediately. During the publishing process, our authors are supported by our experienced team via email or directly over the telephone. With our cover designer and our automated typesetting we provide our authors, even less technology-savvy ones, with the tools to easily publish a professionally designed book.Fiction, non-fiction or reference book – our cover design and automated typesetting tools are easy to use, enabling all authors to produce a professionally designed book. You will always find a suitable cover template to give your work the appropriate frame. But of course, tredition also publishes works that are entirely designed by their authors. In this case, we will check your book thoroughly prior to publication to ensure that it is perfect. We do not, however, judge the content; We leave that to your readers! To guarantee best sales opportunities, our marketing strategy is extensive and our books are distributed in book shops worldwide.

How to get a Book published?

Test Publishing

Test our Publishing Process, without any Commitment and free of Charge

Why not give our publishing process a try and let yourself be persuaded by the many options we offer for the publication of your book? You can use the cover designing tool without being registered. You do not require a user account until we assign an ISBN to your book. You can go through the entire publishing process and submit your book for publication without having to pay for anything. The revision of your book by our team is also free. Once your book is ready for publication, you receive a link for payment.

Cost of Publishing

A fair Value-for-Money Proposition

If you order 35 author’s copies upon publication of your book with tredition, the publication itself is free. Alternatively, the one-time publication fee is 149.99. No other costs will incur. The availability of your book on the book market is unlimited unless you delete it from our system.

Publish three Books in one Step

Give every reader their preferred format! With tredition, you do not simply publish one book, but three books at the same time. Our unique publishing process makes it possible to publish your work as a Paperback, Hardcover and eBook in just one single step. This offers authors the best possible opportunities to reach the largest possible readership, as every reader will find their preferred reading format. You will not miss out on a potential sale just because a reader would like a particular format, simply activate all three formats by clicking “Paperback, Hardcover and eBook” in the first step of the publishing process. If you make use of one of our cover templates, you will not have to adapt it to all three formats – we will do that for you!

three books in one publication process

three books in one publication process

Saving and editing a Book

Have you already started publishing your book? We recommend you save your work regularly whilst editing. This will enable you to continue working at a later point in time, without having to start the entire publishing process again. Simply click “My account / My books -> Published and saved books”, choose the book project and click “Edit”.

Work on your saved book

Publishing an additional Format

If you have already published your book in only one or two formats (Paperback, Hardcover or eBook) and now wish to issue a different format, simply click on the following link, “My books > Published and saved books” and select the format you wish to publish next – at no extra cost!

Publish another format

Facts about the Publishing Options

Publishing a Book with a traditional Publishing House

Traditional publishing houses only publish one book from every 200 submitted manuscripts. The chance that a publishing house will actually publish your book is a mere 0.5 per cent. It can usually take a publishing house up to two years to decide to publish a book, this is a common lead time. It was these lead times and publishing figures that encouraged us in 2006 to create tredition and give every author the opportunity to publish their own book.

How to self-publish
your Book

Authors merely need an ISBN in order to publish a book on their own account. Once you have an ISBN, you can publish your book on your own account. The success of a book however, depends on its availability in bookshops. Many authors underestimate how difficult it is to make a book available for orders at book stores. Not only does an author need an ISBN, but a direct contract with the major wholesalers who do not in fact list self-published books.

Publishing a Book with a Self-Publishing Service Provider

The number of authors publishing with a service provider is increasing every year. The rate of self-published books has grown at a rate of around 30% in the past years. This way of publishing offers crucial advantages to authors as they do not have to deal with everything themselves. With our modern publishing concept, tredition focuses on combining the best from both worlds of self-publishing and being a publishing house. Read more about our services rendered for every published book.