How is the quality of the work assured?

The quality of a book is in the eye of the beholder. Poe and Pilcher are placed almost next to each other in the book store – and both are bought. We do not judge contents as it is our belief that each book has its merit and its market!  We do however, check each book for its linguistic quality, layout and spelling. If we notice a flaw, we give the authors ideas for improvement (and sometimes your computer’s spell check can work miracles). However, we do not edit your work or make any corrections.

The author is happy about a high-quality work standard and can still make final adjustments for successful marketing. tredition, as a self-publishing company, stands for good quality and an excellent marketing strategy and your reader receives a good book virtually free from mistakes.

Contents that promote violence or are considered discriminatory, pornographic or inflammatory in any way will not be accepted. The decision in this regard is based on our professional opinion and can be made at our sole discretion.