How do I publish a book?

Publishing a book takes just a few simple steps. With tredition, your book is always published as a Paperback, a Hardcover edition and an eBook at the same time. Should you not wish to publish in one or more of these formats, simply deactivate any of the three in the first step of your online publication.

1. Design

You can choose your print edition from the following designs:

  • Paperback or Hardcover (with round spine)
  • Cover finishing: matte or glossy
  • Paper type: white or chamois (yellow-white)
  • Format: any standard industry size between 4.75 x 7 in to 8.5 x 11 in
  • Volume/Content size: 24 to 980 pages, the total number of pages must be divisible by 4

2. Designing the cover

You can use your own cover or choose a cover design from one of our many templates.

Click here for further information about designing the cover of your book

3. Interior and ISBN

tredition assigns an ISBN to each book and publishing format (Paperback, Hardcover edition and eBook). The ISBN is issued during publication. Should you wish to publish all three formats, you will receive three ISBNs which you may embed in the imprint of the interior (usually on page 4). Only one book block for the interior for all output formats needs to be uploaded. Opening an author account with tredition is required to enable the allocation of an ISBN to a book. Feel free to use one of our many Microsoft Word templates for designing the layout of your book.

Click here for further information about designing the block of your book.

4. Determining the retail price

Authors are to determine the retail price of their book. The cost of production will vary depending on the design of the book (i.e. number of pages and type of binding), and so will the retail price. tredition’s price calculator helps you to calculate the retail price and the author royalty.

Click here for the price calculator

5. Quality review by tredition

The tredition team checks whether or not your book can be published. This includes checks for spelling, grammar, typesetting, content and appearance. If we find flaws, we ask you to revise the book. Books promoting violence or containing discriminatory or pornographic content will not be accepted for publication.

6. Publication on the book market

Upon publishing, tredition will make your book available across the most prominent book stores (online and physical book stores). Click here to see where your book will be available and to learn about the comprehensive listing of titles.