How can I advertise my book as an author?


Every author should take matters in their own hands. There are numerous ways to advertise your book at no extra cost:

Design your own Author’s Page

Within your user account, you can manage all your marketing contents. You can create your very own author’s profile and enter additional information about your book. This will give potential readers, book traders and journalists a comprehensive image of you as an author and of your book. We will also list this information on the book market, provided our partners can process them.

Add a link to your e-mail signature

Insert a link referring to your book into the signature of your emails. Every recipient of your emails who clicks the link will be directed to the website offering your book for sale. You might also ask your family, friends, acquaintances, and all recipients to forward this email to other people who are interested in literature. Go to “My book” in our shop and copy the link given at “Link to this book”.

Draw attention to your book in literature communities

Present your book in literature groups. Search for “literature forums” or “literature groups”. Many such groups have been founded, e.g. on Facebook and LinkedIn. Please consider the etiquette of each forum, plain self-advertising is seldom appreciated read the full info here.

Inform others on your own Facebook / Google+ / Twitter / Pinterest account

Post information about your new book on Facebook or any other social network you engage in.

Submitting reviewer’s copies to newspapers and magazines

Contact journalists and bloggers who might be interested in your book. Upon their request, we will provide them with reviewer’s copies at our expense.