How to turn your book into an audiobook

The market for audio books is growing steadily. People enjoy listening to good books during their commute, in bed, or during some boring tasks that don’t need all of their attention. So why not create an audiobook version in addition to your printed book / eBook? It will open up a new opportunity for reviews and add a certain surprise effect, too. Even if you’ve read a book ten times or more, a narration will give you another chance to explore the world of the book in a different way. Of course, it depends a lot on your choice of narrator and the audiobook’s quality. We know what it takes to turn your book into a good audiobook.

That’s the voice I want!

The most important part of a good audiobook is the narrator. Whether you will get good or bad reviews depends a lot on the narrator’s ability to tell the story in a believable and exciting way. Naturally, it is not always easy to find a suitable narrator in the large pool of available options. It is easy though to make mistakes, e.g. choosing a cheap narrator who does not deliver quality, choosing the wrong kind of voice for your book, leaving everything until the last minute or not taking enough time to make a well informed choice.


One vital aspect in the search for a suitable narrator is whether the voice fits your book, and whether the narrator as well as the recording studio are professionals. It is easier and more rewarding to work with professionals. It will very likely also save you a lot of time and the end product will be of good quality. Working with amateurs, while cheaper, always bears the risk of receiving a product that does not convince.


There are some agencies like that can help you with your search for the perfect narrator. On websites like that, you can listen to audio samples from a variety of narrators and then decide which one would be ideal for your book. Once you have found a voice you like, you can get in touch with the narrator and find out whether the narrator and his/her voice really are the way you imagined and whether the price will be all right for you.


You also need to make sure to choose a recording studio that offers the best quality. You don’t want annoying background noises in your audiobook. Your listeners should have a pleasant listening experience which means the recording needs to be top notch!


From book to audiobook


Image: Author of the article: Luisa Dziki

Of course, an audiobook isn’t done overnight. There is more to it than just having someone narrate the words of your book. The text needs to be edited by an experienced editors who knows how audiobooks work. Once the editing has been done and a narrator has been found, you are ready to move on to the next steps.


  • Planning is vital. You set a date, and check the text once more for its suitability to be turned into an audiobook so that there will be no issues once you hit the studio.
  • Now it’s getting serious. The narration is recorded under your supervision and the supervision of a narrative director. Improvements and adjustments are always possible, and that’s how you get the most out of your narrator. You need to be satisfied with the end result.
  • Don’t underestimate the time after the recording. In post-production, you’ll listen to the recordings once again, and then choose the best ones. These will be optimized so that the audiobook can be played on suitable media devices on the best quality settings.
  • Done! Now the audiobook will be delivered to your home. If your novel is very long, the process can take up to three month. But don’t worry – smaller projects take less time, and you could hear your book within a few weeks!


This article’s original version has been written by guest author Luisa Dziki. Luisa made the acquaintance of multiple authors during her occupation as journalist. One of them invited her to join him for the narration of his novels, and the whole production process fascinated her. Afterwards, she got in touch with audio book publishers, sound engineers, and narrators again and again. Eventually, her work in online marketing and editorial offices gave her the chance to take a look behind the scenes of the German narrator agency Sprechersprecher.

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