tredition Text Designer

Easy structuring and typesetting

tredition Text Designer

Expert design in between the covers

Change the layout of your text in one click

Format your running text and the headers and try out different styles. You can also easily add headers and footers as well as a table of contents.

Create your inner part in two easy steps: design the first pages and format your running text.

Getting started
Create the first pages before the content
A book doesn't usually start with the running text on page 1. We've got different options for the layout of the first pages already prepared.
Start of book, first pages
tredition Text Designer
book's typesetting
Turn your manuscript into a completely typeset book
Revolutionary! Simply upload your unformatted manuscript and choose a style - that's all it takes to complete the typesetting.

Text Designer Highlights

Fitting templates for every genre

Choose from on of our many templates for the beginning of the book and the rest of your inner text. Edit them as you see fit and turn your manuscript into the perfect book.

Font formatting made easy

Adjust styles such as font size or font type of text elements (e.g. headings, running text or image captions) throughout the book. With one click, you can format all of them at once.

Spell check and changes in the editor

Avoid annoying spelling mistakes. With the compact overview of spelling issues, you can correct them quickly and present a proper book to your readers.

Insert images via drag & drop

Choose from a huge database of images and patterns to implement on the first pages to get your readers in the mood for the book. Or simply drag and drop images from your own uploads onto the pages.

Table of contents with one click

No more constantly checking to see if the page numbers in the table of contents have changed due to text shifts. If you wish, you can add a table of contents with one click and design it to match the text.

Inserting page numbers or texts in headers and footers

Write and design your book the way you want to. You determine the content! We don't give you any guidelines. You are the boss. Your book - your freedom.

Try it out

Just convince yourself and test tredition. Our tools are just a click away. Without obligation. Without costs.