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With tredition, book marketing is easy. Whether you're a beginner or a professional - with our tools for your book marketing, you'll attract attention for your book and for yourself!

Wings for your book success

For readers, books mean entertainment, education, help, and freedom. There are many ways to convince readers to read your book. Our goal is to give you the specific tools for your book marketing that will help you attract the most readers at no cost.

With these measures book success is made easy

You know your book best and you know what your readers want.

Book marketing press kit

Convince influencers of your book

Present yourself and your book in a way that offers bloggers, journalists and influencers the best impression. Market your book how reviewers expect it.

Keep your readers in the loop

You can design your own pages in the tredition Shop: About you - About your book. Inform your readers about news, events or reviews. Make them curious with excerpts from new book projects.
Beam light
Keep your readers in the loop
3D image

3D images of your book for more attention

(Available again shortly)

Whether for Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook & Co. - with a 3D view, your book stands out from the crowd. In the tredition store, interested buyers can virtually rotate your book themselves.

Higher earnings through exclusivity

Publish hardcover, softcover and eBook at different times. Or offer a special edition for a limited time or in a certain quantity only.

Set your own publication date
Book marketing Your publishing label

Establish your own brand for your books

Publish your books in your own book series or with your own publishing brand (label). Highlight the quality of your books with your own brand.

Reach even more readers with lots of variety

Offer your book in different types and layouts. More options mean more readers. Let readers choose how they want to read your book.

Book types

Attract attention with book updates

Keep your book up-to-date and take advantage of the free book update. Move up the new release lists. Anytime and as often as you want!

More sales with price promotions - also for print books!

Create attention and purchase incentives with price promotions. Whether higher or lower and for how long is up to you.

Book marketing SEO

Google, readers and retailers will easily find your book

Readers and booksellers search the internet and book catalogues for terms - not book titles. We find the right search terms for your book so that it will appear prominently in the search results.

Attract new readers with a large print edition

The number of people with reading disabilities is growing as people get older. With a large print edition (font size usually between 15 and 19 point) your book will find new readers.

Large print

Book of the month
& Highlights

Once a month we choose the fiction and nonfiction book of the month. It will be featured on the front page of the tredition shop during this time!

In the "Highlights" section, we show titles that have impressed us in some way and that we particularly recommend to readers.

Book of the month

Even more advantages

Price promotions with Amazon Deals

Amazon regularly requests e-books from us that they would like to include in their Amazon Deals. The book is then advertised on Amazon for a short time in a discount promotion. The deals are usually also presented by Amazon in their the newsletter. You decide if you want to accept such a deal if your book is requested.

Support for your reading

You have scheduled a reading in a bookstore? The bookshop usually sets up a book table for this. Publishers often grant a full right of return for these copies. We are happy to do that. Getting books should not be an obstacle organizing a reading.

Be curious ...!

In the course of the next year we will develop a very special marketing tool for you. We can't tell you much about it yet. Let's just say that with this tool, everyone will be a marketing professional!

Trial copies for booksellers

Booksellers order proof copies directly from us. We forward these to you so that you can convince them with a personal message about you and your book.

Free review copies for the press

Upon request from journalists, influencers, bloggers, and members of the press, we will send free e-book review copies for review. You can also send a personal printed copy to anyone interested.

expert services
More success through a professional book
Get the professionalism kick. Take advantage of our services such as editing, cover design or book typesetting and increase your book's success.

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