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Whether in the bookstore around the corner, at large chain stores or in online shops. Your readers will find your book everywhere!

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We only earn something if your book actually sells. So we do a lot to help you succeed! Last year, we increased sales to booksellers by 60%.

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Readers, booksellers, reviewers, and influencers will be able to find your book easily (and good 😊)! Dein Buch ist in allen wichtigen Buchhandelskatalogen eingetragen. Jeder Buchhändler kann dein Buch in jeder Menge bestellen. Je größer die Nachfrage durch dein Marketing ist, desto besser verfügbar ist es, weil sich Händler damit belagern. 

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Buchhändler bestellen über die üblichen Wege im Buchhandel. So steht dem Regalplartz für dein Buch nichts im Weg.

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Always in the right place in the right file format. Readers will find your e-book in every relevant online store and perfectly prepared for their reading device. You don't have to worry about anything.

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Ausgewählte und passende Buchtitel bieten wir Buchhändlern auch außerhalb des deutschsprachigen Raumes an.

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tredition Shop - our awesome bookshop

In the tredition shop, we present your book like a bookseller in their store window - but online.

Your own ISBN or from tredition? Either is fine with us!

Every published book needs an ISBN so that it can be ordered worldwide.
ISBN - Indispensable for the sale of your book in bookstores
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Optimize your sales prices

There is no such thing as the "right" price. Test different selling prices for your books. Based on the competitive situation and price development in your genre, we determine the appropriate price for your book. But you decide for yourself.

No reader escapes us thanks to our widespread distribution channels!


As soon as you've published your book, it will be available in all brick and mortar stores a few days later. No matter if it's a small business or a large chain store.


tredition books can be found in all major online shops. Almost all tredition titles are "in stock" or available for delivery within a few days.

(book distributors)

For bookstores, wholesalers - the so-called distributors - are the most important source of supply. For this reason, all tredition titles are available from all major wholesalers in the German-speaking countries, the UK and the US.


Every work published via can be found in the German National Library and Hamburg State Library.

Directories/ full text search

To ensure that your book reaches as many readers as possible, it will be displayed in all important full-text search engines (e.g. Google Books and Amazon "Look Inside") as well as in directories such as the German VLB (directory of available books).

eBook Shops

We prepare your text in the file formats that the eBook shops require. This is how we manage to get your book into all relevant eBook shops worldwide.

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Book success doesn't require witchcraft, but real expertise. We know what makes a book successful and are happy to share our knowledge.

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Get the professionalism kick. Take advantage of our services such as editing, cover design or book typesetting and increase your book's success.

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