What is New at tredition?

Here we keep you regularly informed about innovations at tredition and inform you in time about what changes for you and your project.

From 25.01.2023
Price changes for your copies and in your earnings

By adjusting the equipment options described below, we can offer more favorable conditions for some paper grades. Especially in the area of picture printing paperWe have agreed new conditions with our printing partners for the printing of books that are particularly suitable for specialist, non-fiction, and children's books, and we are passing this advantage on to you. Unfortunately, however, the printing prices for normal text printing papers have risen sharply in some cases. Here you can find the Calculate new prices and earnings. The new conditions are valid from 25.01.2023. We are not always happy to come up with price increases, but to buck the trend to ensure that we can offer great books at great conditions. However, we would like to warn against setting the sale price low. Decisions to buy books are not made on the basis of price. If you offer your book at the lowest possible price, you will earn less but you will not sell more copies. This is what our experience of 16 years and more than 150,000 book projects has shown us.

If you order copies of your book projects after 25.01.2023, the price per copy will be different (cheaper or more expensive). Your earnings per copy sold in bookstores or our store will not change. Only if you make a book update, the earnings will be recalculated.

From 01.02.2023
Setting "Print-Only

We are discontinuing the "print-only" offer - that is, the exclusive printing of books without publishing and selling them. Our focus is on offering excellent books for sale on our website and, if you wish, in bookstores everywhere. tredition only earns something if your books sell.

If you have a book on sale at tredition, nothing changes at all. You can continue to order copies for yourself. However, you can no longer create and print book projects that are intended for private use only, e.g. private photo books. If you have a "print-only" project in progress, it must be completed and printing ordered by Jan. 31, 2023.

From 01.02.2023
Contact tredition via contact form and telephone

To optimize our support for you in the future, we ask you to use our Contact form to use. This allows us to better categorize your request and assign it to the appropriate colleague. Requests by e-mail will no longer be delivered after 01.02.2023.

You can also reach us by phone again! When we are there for you, you will find out here.

From 01.02.2023
Focus on sensible equipment variants

The last few months have been very challenging for the printing industry. Supply chains have been disrupted and prices for paper and energy have skyrocketed. Less frequently used paper grades have grown more in price and are only available unreliably. We are therefore reducing our range to these variants:

If your book project has equipment that is no longer listed here, we inform you that please do a book update by Jan 31, 2023, in which you will adjust the equipment according to one of the above.

If you do not customize your kit, your book will still be available in our store and in bookstores. However, the delivery time will be longer. We will inform you again if the layout is no longer available.

From 01.02.2023
Financial participants can no longer be added to the project

In the future, we will pay the earnings in your 100% book project to you directly. Financial participants can no longer be added from 01.02.2023.

We will provide you with an online calculator that you can use to easily calculate the shares you want to pay out to participating persons yourself. You will then have to credit and pay out the shares yourself.

If you have created collaborators in your already published projects, they will continue to be paid by us for the time being. However, on 01.04.2023 we will also stop this service. From then on, the commission for 100% in these projects will also go to you as the account holder. We will inform you and your participants about the following procedure in time.