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Design and print your book the way you want it. Or additionally publish it and sell your book in all major online shops - also as an eBook.

Book design

Design your book cover according to your wishes - with the help of professional templates

Use your own printable cover file, if preferred

Only here Turn your manuscript into a professional book with font, font size and layout optimized for readability

Get sales-promoting keywords and accurate classifications according to international standards

Automatic check when uploading own files and removal of technical errors

Get tips from our book experts on how to make your book even more successful

Only here Update your book with small adjustments via a book update

Book production

Only here Design your book in up to four book types at the same time, as softcover, hardcover, eBook and large print

Produce your book as a paperback (softcover) with classic perfect binding or thread binding, as a ring binder or with stapled binding

Produce your book as a hardcover with classic perfect binding or thread binding and optional dust jacket

Produce your book as an eBook, optimized for all eReaders, or upload your own EPUB

Produce your book with extra large text for people with visual impairment as softcover or hardcover and sell up to 20% more books

Select the formats in which you want to publish your book. You can choose different formats for each book type

Decide which pages to print in color to reduce your printing costs

Only here Choose from a variety of paper types, covers and finishes

Print your book on paper types that are produced with particularly little CO2 emissions.

Book distribution

Determine your earnings per sold book by setting the sales prices yourself

Receive your earnings for every sold copy - month after month (minimum of $25 credit)

Get a new ISBN for every book type you publish with tredition

Use your own ISBN, if preferred

Only here Publish your book under your own publishing label (imprint), if preferred

Sell your book via all major wholesalers (distributors): Libri, Zeitfracht, Umbreit, Morawa, Swiss Buchzentrum, and Ingram.

Sell your book in all major online stores such as Amazon, and more than 1,000 others.

Sell your print book worldwide at major booksellers in over 60 countries

Sell your eBook on all major platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Kobo, tolino, Apple Books, and Google Play, and reach eBook readers all over the world

Monitor your success with our daily sales reports

Sell more books because booksellers can buy our titles at great rates without any risk

Booksellers like selling books published at tredition because they earn above-average margins per sold book

Only here Increase your sales chances with our unique full right of return (no risk for booksellers to order your book)

Convince booksellers to order free sample copies from us

Only here Crank up sales of your book with price promotions. Our unique book update makes it possible!

Book marketing

Influencers, bloggers and journalists can access your digital press kit in which your books are represented optimally

Present your book in a way that encourages booksellers to recommend it to readers

We transfer your selling points directly to the booksellers. This way you can influence how your book will be presented in shops

An important review, a prize, made a bestseller list? Inform all booksellers in just a few clicks

Booksellers are granted even better rates when you have a reading upcoming. Great premises for an impressive book table

We generate lots of data for your books that's listed in catalgoues and directories to make your book easy to find. We frequently update these data

You decide how much your book sells for. Price every book type individually - optionally also in different currencies

Only here Tweak the sales prices for print books as well as eBooks. You can move up the bestseller lists with temporary price reductions

Only here The tredition Price Advisor shows you how to optimize your earnings and offer great value for money to the reader

Only here Limit sales of a special edition to a certain timeframe or a specific number of copies. Offer something unique with particularly high-quality materials

Have you ever searched for a book title that you didn't know? Exactly. How could you? People search for keywords, not titles

Stands for search engine optimization. Our technology and the right keywords make sure your book can be easily found


People stop and take a closer look when there's something going on - search engines are the same. Frequently update your profile and stay on top of the search results

The more ratings a book gets, the higher it's evaluated by search engines. That's why it's important to encourage your readers to rate your book in the tredition Shop

Update your book anytime without any costs. That way, you can always offer your readers the latest information - or simply use the last pages to promote your new book

The tredition Shop features your author profile. This is where readers get to know you. Offer an interesting interview, links to events, news etc. Booksellers are notified of every new item in your profile


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By e-mail and if necessary we will call you. We all help you gladly and quickly.

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  • How does tredition earn its money?
    We earn our money by selling books to readers and to you! When someone orders a book from us or from a bookstore, we earn a share. This share is not a flat rate, but depends on many factors: e.g. sales in the trade or in the tredition shop, sales price, material of the book. That's why we're constantly working on making it fun for you to create your book with us. In addition, we provide you with more and more tools so that you can market your book in the best possible way and thus not leave the book's success to chance.
  • How much does it cost to publish my book?
    Nothing! You can use all the tredition tools you need for your publication free of charge. We don't charge a publishing fee or anything similar.
  • How will my earnings be paid?

    Depending on the country you specify in your withdrawal details, we offer you different options on how we transfer your earnings. For users with a payout address in the euro area, we offer SEPA bank transfers or PayPal. For users outside the Euro zone, we currently only pay the earnings to PayPal accounts.

  • When will my earnings be paid?
    We pay out the fees monthly, as long as your earnings account has at least 25 euros. If you cancel your book project, we will of course pay out your earnings even if they are less than 25 euros. On the first day of a calendar month we will send you an earnings statement for the previous month. We will pay you the earnings plus any value added tax within 15 days. We always settle earnings for sales via the tredition shop directly at the end of the month. Fees for sales via the book trade are settled after three months. We have to wait this long with the payment here because the book trade also only pays our invoices after three months.
  • Who sets the retail price of my book?
    You determine the selling price of your book yourself. Depending on which materials you choose for the book and how high you set the retail price, this will determine your fee. You determine the sales price and your fee in the Project Calculator.
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