What's the difference between a new edition and a book update?

The term an edition comes from the time when all books were printed in "editions". This means that usually many thousands of copies were printed in one version and then sold piece by piece in bookstores. A new edition was printed when no more copies of the previous edition were available or the contents had changed significantly.

That is no longer necessary in this day and age. At tredition, we print your book exclusively in the print-on-demand process: we only print a copy of your book once it has been ordered by a bookseller or from us in the tredition shop. So if you want to make changes to the content, a book update is perfectly sufficient.

A new ISBN is required for a new edition. As a result, your old edition will no longer be available in bookstores. If you have positive reviews or star ratings at online retailers, they will disappear with your old edition. This would be very annoying in case of good reviews. So our tip is: check very carefully if you really need a new edition. Here are the differences:


Book Update

New edition


Page count


Page format




Cover design

book's typesetting

Title, subtitle


Categories, Description, Keywords

Book series

Spelling (error correction)

SIGNIFICANT changes in the content

  • Mehrere Kapitel hinzufügen Erhebliche Kürzungen
  • X

    Publish/delete more book types


    New ISBN required


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