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Social Media for Authors - How to use Facebook for your Marketing

A large proportion of internet users are on social networks - including your readers. That's why you shouldn't neglect your marketing on social media channels. But how can you use Facebook for authors? Which measure is best suited depends on what and for whom you write.

How can I promote my book on Facebook?

It never hurts to have a marketing plan - an overview of your planned activities. Be it for contact with the press or the Book trailer on your website. You should also get an overview for your social media channels. This doesn't always have to mean extra work: Combine your social media efforts with your other marketing activities. You can post a press release on Facebook and use it for your Reading create an event.

Facebook ads aren't for every book. A Reference book demands different marketing measures than a fantasy novel. Think about what strategies fit your book. And it's worth starting before publication to build up a community of readers.

The target audience - Are my readers even on Facebook?

Who is actually reading my book? You should already ask yourself this question while you are writing, but at the latest shortly before the Publication. To make Facebook useful for authors, it's important to know who your book promotion should be aimed at. Are your readers active here? If so, where and how can you find them? Are there specific fan groups and forums where you can promote your book? But beware: many groups are free of advertising. Find out in advance whether advertising posts are unwelcome! 

Whether your reader hangs out on social media channels depends on the genre and topic you're writing in. Especially for thrillers or fantasy novels, there are numerous fan groups. Or if your technical or non-fiction book is aimed at tech-savvy readers, you can expect to find them on social media, blogs, or book communities. Lovers of Cookbooks may be active on Pinterest or Instagram because it's more about the photos than a literary text. The biography of a local rowing club, on the other hand, is unlikely to attract much interest on Facebook and is best placed in the regional press.

Before you put a lot of time into Facebook marketing, check to see if your target audience is even hanging out here or if you might not be reaching them that way.

Facebook for authors: How do I find groups that fit?

To share or target ads on social networks like Facebook, you can join topic-based groups. This can help you not only to talk about topics like Write, publish, or market, but you get to talk to other authors or readers and build a fan base in the process.

The more links you have to the group, the better your marketing can work there. Search in the category "Groups" for a suitable keyword. Look at the group information and the number of members. The more members, the higher the activity and therefore your chance to contribute. What were the last posts and what are they about?

Once you have joined a group, use it actively and not just for your advertising. Share your experiences with other users - and benefit from theirs.

What Facebook groups are there for writers?

Facebook groups exist on just about every topic imaginable. For book lovers, there are groups that deal with books in general and the current trends of the book market, fan groups for a single book or a series, or information groups for authors to exchange ideas with each other. You can also find an editor, cover designer or book blogger through Facebook groups.

Author World

A platform for exchange among "writing professionals" and aspiring writers.


A public group where authors and self-publishers can consult and exchange ideas with each other.

The colourful world of books

This group is of interest to anyone who wants to keep up to date with current events and trends in the book market.


This is a place where authors and publishing service providers come together to discuss all aspects of self-publishing.

tredition book club

Here you can exchange ideas with other authors and present your book or events.

How does the Facebook algorithm work?

Like everywhere else in everyday advertising, the following applies to Facebook in particular: Don't constantly annoy your readers with advertising messages about your book. Advertising here should be a little more subtle. The Facebook algorithm is relentless.

Like search engines or other networks, the news and posts on Facebook are subject to an algorithm. It decides to whom and how often they are displayed. After all, users should only see the topics and posts that are relevant to them, not all of the hundreds of thousands of posts that are published on the network every day. Otherwise, a chronicle would quickly become flooded or clogged.

But that means your posts are judged just as much by the guidelines. The currency for success on Facebook is likes, comments, and sharing. If your posts are not shared or otherwise deemed interesting, Facebook classifies you as less relevant. As a result, Facebook no longer shows your posts to all users or displays them less frequently on their chronicles. A death sentence for your visibility. So Facebook can also have undesirable consequences for authors or remain unsuccessful.

Offer your readers exciting posts that create added value. Otherwise you will quickly be classified as uninteresting and fall victim to the Facebook algorithm.

How do I create an author page on Facebook?

There is hardly a company that does not have its own Facebook page and presents products or itself here for marketing and image purposes. Creatives and freelancers can also create a Facebook presence. There are two options for authors on Facebook: Consider in advance whether you want to use your private profile or a public fan page.

On an official author page, you can specifically showcase your books and your everyday writing life. It is separate from your private profile and thus appears more professional. On this page, readers only receive relevant information about the book or about you as an author. Private posts remain on your user profile.

Decorate your public profile with as much detail as possible. Refer to your publications, link to your author page or homepage and upload photos of book presentations or readings and press releases. Regular posts about everything that has to do with you as an author or your book are important. What things are on your mind right now? What publishing plans do you have? When and where are readings happening? Also, share posts from fellow authors or other profiles or websites that have to do with your writing life or the topics of your books.

How do I design a book page on Facebook?

A book page on Facebook is another option to showcase your book. You can create it just like your author page. There you can feed readers with information about the book: videos, news, text excerpts about the book or book raffles.

What can I post on my Facebook page? About events, competitions and surveys

Figure out a strategy for how often you want to post news. The rule is: don't get bored. Only post if it has relevant and interesting content. The quality is crucial. Feel free to make it a little more personal. Your readers want to know who wrote the book you're promoting. Arouse emotions through Storytelling.

And come up with promotions for your book. Create an event if you have a reading planned, or organize contests or a poll. Link to other blogs, Facebook pages, or websites. Be creative and offer your readers more than just advertising.

Facebook Live feature

A fairly new feature that Facebook has picked up from Instagram and Periscope platforms is Facebook Live. This option allows you as an author to start live videos on your author or book page. To do this, you'll need the Facebook app on your smartphone. Launch the "Live" button under your status and off you go! Now users around the world can watch your live broadcast.

Here, Facebook offers authors some options for book promotion: You can record your reading live, start a Q&A session or give them an insight into your everyday life. Afterwards, you can post the video in the Timeline and make it available to users who missed it. Before you go live: Announce the action on your fan page.

Facebook Ads

If you still have budget left for your own book or want to increase the distribution on Facebook, you can think about a Facebook ad. Consider in advance whether this is a sensible measure for your book and define your target group precisely. Also determine the goal you are pursuing with the ad. Do you want more direct messages or more clicks on your page? You can always cancel the ad. And don't forget to analyze the results at the end.

Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest ... don't forget!

When it comes to social media marketing, don't stay where you like in your private life, stay where your readers are. Your target group is on Twitter and Instagram? Then don't forget to play on these channels. Be cross-media, i.e. present on different channels, and link marketing strategies together. A compelling author interview shouldn't languish on your homepage - but neither should it be published only on Facebook. Use your storytelling talent for your marketing, too. And don't give up if it takes a while. Community building takes time, requires patience and a lot of effort. But if you keep at it, social media can contribute to your book success.


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