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Services cover design

The highlight: The cover and text designs are provided in our tools. If something changes in your book, our tools change the designs automatically. So you stay flexible for the future.

Cover design

That way, the eye stays glued to your cover: The cover is the first impression people get of your book. This brief moment is one of the deciding factors in your book's success. With an individual cover design, you stand out from the crowd. Our design professionals will create one or more cover designs for you in the tredition Cover Designer.

Only here You can still customize the design yourself without any previous graphic knowledge and test other variants. This way you stay flexible.

Only here You get the cover design for all book types: softcover, hardcover, large print and e-book.

Only here You can adjust the features such as the paper type or the binding type later without having to revise the cover design.

Only here Save the design as your own template and use it for future publications. This way you can build your own book kingdom design and create a 'brand'!

You choose a cover design from dozens of templates. The exclusive premium cover templates from tredition are all designed by multiple award-winning book designers. Then we start our work:

  • Customize your chosen premium template for your book and genre
  • If you want: Integration of your images on front and back
  • Integration of individual texts such as blurb, author portrait, press reviews, etc.
  • Creation of all elements of the design
  • Barcode placement and integration (for print book type)

If you want your book cover to be completely individual and exclusive, this is your thing! We start on a blank sheet and develop your design based on your ideas. That makes it special:

  • All services of "Cover designs with a tredition template" and additionally:
  • Implementation of the mood of your book in the cover design
  • Individual conception of all elements: fonts, style elements, decorative elements
  • Editing graphic elements


One design (399,00 Euro)

You will receive a draft for your cover design. 


Two variants (599,00 Euro)

You will receive a draft and another variant for your cover design.


Three variants (749,00 Euro)

You will receive a draft and two other variants and then have three cover designs to choose from and use.

If you do not have your own graphic or photo for your cover, we will be happy to select something suitable for you according to your wishes (briefing):

  • You will receive three images as a suggestion from image databases such as shutterstock
  • You decide which one you want to use
  • We acquire the appropriate image license for you so that it may be used for your e-book and printed book

*depending on the number of variants you order

Text check

Get the most out of your text: Our editors work through your text with an external and objective eye, improve errors and make stylistic suggestions for improvement. For a professional book publication and your book success, this is a must-have!

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. You can read through your book carefully several times. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to avoid spelling mistakes. Unfortunately, readers usually notice them quickly and criticize them accordingly. Our proofreading service helps with checking and correction of

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation

It took you a long time to write your book. You planned the plot precisely and formed the characters. It can happen that illogical descriptions or chronologically staggered details lead the reader astray, because the reader gets to know a main character only gradually. However, you have the entire character in mind.

With specialist, non-fiction and guidebooks, you are the expert on your subject. An editing professional helps you to convey your expertise to your readers in the best possible way.

You will receive these services in the proofreading department:

  • everything from proofreading and in addition:
  • Generally understandable expression
  • content readability and good reading flow
  • simple presentation of complicated facts/action instructions
  • Errors or discrepancies
  • appropriate sentence structure
  • incorrect word reference
  • correct use of tenses
  • frequent repetition of words
  • unnecessary filler words
  • optimal wording
  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Logic
  • uniform writing style

Text design

Professional design for your text: You get both a classic book typesetting and our unique book typesetting in the tredition Text Designer. With our Text Designer, we create a perfectly designed interior section from your book manuscript.

Only here And that for all book types: softcover, hardcover, large print and e-book.

Only here You can customize the Basic book block design yourself in the tredition Text Designer and even change the format. This way you remain flexible.

Pause text designer

You give us your finished text document (Word, OpenOffice, Pages) and we do all the preliminary work so that it can be uploaded into the tredition Text Designer. The special thing is that you can then set the formatting of, for example, body text, headings or headers and footers yourself without breaking your design. In the tredition Text Designer you can set the following formatting yourself:

  • Table of Contents
  • Page numbers in headers or footers
  • Chapter headings in headers or footers
  • Font styles and sizes for headings, standard text and others
  • Line spacing, indents
  • Side distances inside, outside, top and bottom

Important to know: The tredition Text Designer can only design documents up to a certain level of complexity. When you order this service, we take a look at your document in advance to see if it is suitable for design in the tredition Text Designer.

You will receive a completely individual and manually typeset book of your text. The typesetting is done manually in a word processing program and will be provided to you at the end as a PDF and text file. The special thing about Book Block Design Premium is that we design your book typesetting completely individually and align and create all elements of the book block design to your book. For each design element, we ask ourselves: How does this best support the content of your book?

  • Page numbers in headers or footers
  • Chapter headings in headers or footers
  • Font styles and sizes for headings, standard text and others
  • Line spacing, indents
  • Side distances inside, outside, top and bottom
  • Adjustment of elements (e.g. placement of captions and footnotes, adjustment of tables and figures to the book format).
Important to know: Unlike the book block design Basic, the finished book is loaded into your project as a PDF. Our tredition text designer comes not is used. Formatting changes must therefore be made offline in your text document.

If your book contains graphic objects, we will be happy to integrate them into the book block design. Professional integration of graphic objects includes:

  • Scaling (page format and size)
  • Positioning in book block design
  • Correct embedding for format and design adjustments, so you can easily test adjustments to your book block design
*Based on a standard page with 180 words per page. If there are on average less than 180 words on a page in your book (e.g. children's books or poetry books), the number of book pages is calculated.

The minimum order value for the services is € 149.00

The procedure

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Completion in the project editor

We make the result available to you in our tools. With it you can independently make final changes. Your design will be updated automatically!

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