tredition Cover Designer

Design for your book cover made easy

tredition Cover Designer

Perfect design that envelops your book

Intuitive drag & drop designer for your cover

Choose a cover template or start on a blank sheet of paper. Simply drag text and image elements onto your cover and change their shape and color. With the color palettes, you always ensure a coherent appearance.

Design your book cover without any previous technical or graphic knowledge. With the tredition Cover Designer, creating professional covers is child's play.

tredition Cover Designer

Fantastic covers easily made by yourself with drag & drop

Show what you've got! Build your cover like a professional designer with just a few clicks. Our unique cover designer turns everyone into a graphic designer!

Forget complicated design tools and use the tredition cover designer to create chic covers.

Your cover is the first selling point that needs to convince. 

tredition designer book cover

What look and feel do you want your cover to have?

Just click through the color palettes and choose the color that suits your content. Of course you can also color all elements differently.

Highlights of the Cover Designer

Fitting templates for every genre

Choose from many cover templates and edit them as you like. You decide about the design yourself. Attract the attention of your readers. With the tredition cover designer, anyone can do it! Your book - your freedom.

Crop images whether square or round

Simply upload your image, select the area and decide whether you want to crop your image round or square. Image editing can be that easy.

Design covers without errors using the text modules

How annoying is it when you make a mistake on the cover! Just drag over the text modules that are filled with your data from the project. Then there's an end to careless mistakes.

Insert images via drag & drop

Choose from a huge database of images and patterns to implement on the first pages to get your readers in the mood for the book. Or simply drag and drop images from your own uploads onto the pages.

Save your own templates from your design

You want to create several volumes or a book series? No problem! Create your design and save it as "My Template". Then you can use it again as a template in your next projects.

Try it out

Just convince yourself and test tredition. Our tools are just a click away. Without obligation. Without costs.