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What is a thriller

How is a classic crime novel different from a gripping thriller?

Every mystery writer knows: the resolution of a mystery should never be anticipated. But this much can be said: If your crime novel or thriller ends up in the wrong "genre drawer", you will lose valuable readers and book sales.
Especially as a writer of suspense literature, you should know the difference between a crime novel and a thriller. What characterizes a classic crime novel and what is a thriller? We explain the typical characteristics of both genres and clarify why a clear categorization of your book as a thriller or crime novel is so important.

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Writer's block

Writer's block: overcome it with these 10 tips

"German Lesson" by Siegfried Lenz, "Shining" by Stephen King and "The Plague" by Camus have one thing in common: they are all about writer's block. The fear of the blank page. You know how it is: the famous first sentence just won't come to you? Or you're stuck in the middle of a novel and can't get any further? Don't despair! Even the most famous authors have had it once. There are usually harmless reasons behind writer's block. But how can you overcome your writer's block?

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Write biography

Writing a biography - 5 tips for a life story

Every life is unique. When you write a (auto)biography, you have to convince your readers that the life story you write is extraordinary and worth reading. In this article we would like to support you in this. We give you tips on how to proceed with the structure, research and layout.

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write a non-fiction book

Writing a non-fiction book - These 10 strategies will make you a convincing expert

Passing on knowledge and distinguishing yourself as an expert - these are important goals of a non-fiction book, guidebook or reference book. If you want to write a non-fiction book, your name stands for expertise. But how do you conceptualize and structure a nonfiction book, find the right writing style, and develop a compelling cover? And how can you successfully market your expertise as an expert in your field?

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Fanfiction - When readers become authors

Anyone who likes to read has found the ending of a story unsuccessful. Boring. Or illogical. Or too open-ended. Why not make up your own ending? Fanfiction was born out of such thoughts. Lovers of a story just keep telling it. But is it okay to do that? And where can you publish it?

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write a children's book

Writing a children's book - 7 tips on how to meet the demands of little readers.

You might think writing a children's book is easy. But little readers and listeners are often more demanding than adults. You shouldn't underestimate that if you want to become a children's book author. Not only does descriptive writing matter, but there are also important basics to consider in language, word choice, and scope. Which topics are particularly appealing to children and how can you illustrate your children's book?

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Sentence Starters

Mastering sentence beginnings - How to keep your text varied

A stylistically sophisticated text lives not only from authentic characters and a logical plot structure, but also from varied sentence beginnings. It's not just about the first sentence, which should immediately captivate the reader. How do you manage to avoid monotonous text passages and not have the sentences start with the same words all the time?

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