Writing Workshop

Writing School

Writing schools - How you can further your education as a writer

Anyone can write - that's one of the prejudices that authors have to contend with. After all, we learn to read and write in elementary school. But there is a difference between mastering grammar and spelling and captivating writing techniques, emotionally charged formulations and authentic protagonists. To train in this, there are dedicated writing schools.

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book idea

Developing a book idea - 5 strategies for the brilliant idea

Whether in the shower, while jogging or half asleep - rest and distraction tickle out many an unexpected idea. Archimedes, for example, is said to have discovered the principle of buoyancy named after him in the bathtub. Whether you find ideas easy or hard to come by, you can boost your creativity with certain techniques to come up with a brilliant book idea.

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write a crime novel

Writing a crime novel - 8 tips on how to give readers high tension

Almost 35,000 printed crime novels are available on the German book market, according to the Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher. By comparison, there are "only" about 20,000 titles in the romance genre. So the competition is fierce if you want to write a crime novel. But how do you write a crime novel that stands out and excites and motivates readers to read on?

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Book writing beginning

How do I write a good book opening?

What can you do to hook readers on the first page? How can you create an opening that captivates your readers, enticing them to devour the book immediately? Turn readers into sleuths who won't want to put your book down until they've solved the mystery of the beginning.

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have a book written

Have a book written - Find a professional ghostwriter

A good idea is not enough to write a book. It also takes time and the necessary tools to implement an exciting plot, to make characters authentic or to create emotions with sophisticated wording. You don't have to master all that if you want to have your book or e-book written. But how do you find a suitable ghostwriter, what are the costs and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Book title

How your book title grabs readers' attention

Nothing. A new customer or reader knows absolutely nothing about your book when he first sees it in an online shop or bookstore. The first thing he sees and reads is the book title. Only if your book title arouses curiosity, interest and enthusiasm will a potential reader take a closer look at your book. After all, along with the book cover and blurb, the book title is one of the first and most important impressions of a potential book buyer. Find out what makes a really good book title and what options you have to find a meaningful title. You'll also learn why you shouldn't use a book title generator.

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