The German book trade - a comprehensive overview for authors

How many stages of the value chain does the book trade comprise? What does the term "cash assortment" mean and what is meant by returns? The book market is characterised by its own industry standards and a large number of market participants. In this article, we will not only explain the systematics and functioning of the individual stages of the value chain. We also look at how current market developments are putting the individual industry players under economic pressure. It is indispensable for authors to understand how the book trade works and its special characteristics in order to be able to make promising decisions for their own book publication.

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Books and genres

Books and genres - how to use them as writing guides

Every book has its genre - it wouldn't be one without it. Why is that? Books are, after all, products of thought. And thinking means breaking new ground. Isn't the genre of books like a well-trodden path?
No, rather important route information. A via ferrata is not a highway, a romance novel not a book of advice. That's why the genre is indispensable for books as a means of orientation. In marketing, but also in the writing process. In this article, you'll learn what book genres are, which ones exist, and how you can use them in your writing.

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