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Print on demand - your book available quickly and without financial risk

The print quality of my printed book is unsatisfactory. What is the reason for this?

At tredition, we only print all print editions of books once we have received an order for them. This is called "print-on-demand". The logistical performance of our printing partners is impressive. In the complex production structures, it can happen in rare cases that customers complain about a book. This is very annoying and everyone involved does their utmost to ensure that this does not happen. How does it still happen in some cases?

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eBook formats

E-Book Formats - Choose the right one for your book

Nowadays, not all books are printed on paper. Most of them are also available as e-books. But here too, as with haptic titles, there are different e-book formats. Although they do not differ in size, design and layout, compatibility with the e-book reader plays a role here. A look at the e-book market shows that book authors significantly increase their sales opportunities if they publish not exclusively in e-books but also in print.

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