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How to formulate a powerful blurb

The blurb only has a few lines. After you've written a novel with hundreds of pages, that shouldn't be too hard, right? But be careful: you shouldn't underestimate the blurb for your book. After the cover, it's the first thing your readers will see before they decide to buy your book - or not.

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Best font

What is the best font for my book?

At the latest when your story is finished typing and you want to get your book into a readable form, the question arises: Which font should I use? If you're self-publishing your book, you can't avoid this consideration.

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book cover

Book cover - How to win readers at first sight

The book cover is your book's calling card, centerpiece, and flagship. The book cover makes the reader linger on the book or not, it inspires or deters, it fascinates or bores. A few seconds decide whether a reader will take a closer look at your book. We show you how to generate this attention.

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Design your own book

Designing a book yourself and delighting readers at first sight

Consumers make over 90 percent of purchasing decisions unconsciously based on emotions. Marketing experts have found this to be the case. And emotions are strongly aroused via visual stimuli. While the key selling point of your book remains a great story, how the book and its cover are designed creates an initial incentive for your reader to pick it up in the first place.

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