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Amazon author page
Advertising & Marketing

How to diversify your Amazon author page

You've published your book and it's already available in stores? Don't forget to take care of your author page on Amazon, too. This "signboard" can draw readers to your other books when they browse.

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eBook formats
Print & Digital

E-Book Formats - Choose the right one for your book

Nowadays, not all books are printed on paper. Most of them are also available as e-books. But here too, as with haptic titles, there are different e-book formats. Although they do not differ in size, design and layout, compatibility with the e-book reader plays a role here. A look at the e-book market shows that book authors significantly increase their sales opportunities if they publish not exclusively in e-books but also in print.

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Author Reading
Advertising & Marketing

How do I organize an author reading? - Tips for a successful event

Despite the lull in the book market, the number of visitors to author readings is developing positively: according to Statista, in 2015 there were around 10.53 million people in the German-speaking population aged 14 and over who were interested in attending readings. So a reading can be a chance for you to get to know your audience and market your book.

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establish a book publishing house

Starting a publishing company - How to become a successful book publisher

A publishing house can be founded quickly and without major formal hurdles - but in order to run it successfully, there are economic, professional and legal aspects to consider. As a small publisher, you operate within an industry dominated by large publishing houses. What do you have to pay attention to when you want to found a publishing house?

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Books and genres
Trade & Distribution

Books and genres - how to use them as writing guides

Every book has its genre - it wouldn't be one without it. Why is that? Books are, after all, products of thought. And thinking means breaking new ground. Isn't the genre of books like a well-trodden path?
No, rather important route information. A via ferrata is not a highway, a romance novel not a book of advice. That's why the genre is indispensable for books as a means of orientation. In marketing, but also in the writing process. In this article, you'll learn what book genres are, which ones exist, and how you can use them in your writing.

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Press Release
Advertising & Marketing

How to write a press release about your book

In addition to marketing measures on social media platforms, the classic book recommendation in the press is also an important tool to make you and your book better known. To reach journalists, you need a press release. But how do you actually write something like that and to whom?

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Advertising & Marketing

How to use LovelyBooks successfully as an author

LovelyBooks is aimed at readers who not only want to read, but also talk about the books. In addition to reviews, it is especially about the exchange with friends and reading acquaintances and also the contact directly with the author. But what options are there to become active as an author on the platform?

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Book Fair
Advertising & Marketing

As an author at the book fair - the guide to a successful appearance

The book fairs in Leipzig and Frankfurt mark the highlights in the calendar of the book and media industry. For authors, they are ideal for direct exchange with readers. How could you organise your visit to the fair and is a fair suitable for your marketing? And under what circumstances should you forgo a trade fair appearance?

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