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Amazon KDP or tredition? - How you can decide based on 6 criteria

Whether you want to publish your book via tredition or Amazon KDP depends on your needs and wishes. What are the differences between the two self-publishing providers and which one suits you and your book best? Find out in this article.

tredition or Amazon KDP: What help do the self-publishing service providers offer with cover, layout and book typesetting?

In order to decide which self-publishing service provider suits you best, you should take a look at their support in terms of cover design, layout of the book interior and book typesetting. After that, you can decide where you need assistance and which service provider offers it. Word templates or software from the respective providers can help you with the design.

Support for cover design

A high quality cover and a distinctive cover are largely responsible for the success of your book. Even if you don't publish through a publisher, you are not on your own. tredition, for example, offers a free Cover Designer with over 100 different designs. Amazon also has a similar tool, the Cover Creator, which lets you choose from different variations.

Support for the design of the book interior

Also around the book's typesetting you have to take care of as a self-publishing author. Here you can for example Word templates which can be downloaded from tredition as well as from Amazon KDP. Or you can use tredition's text designer, where you simply upload your manuscript in whatever file format, select the design for the inside of the book and the book typesetting is then created all by itself. After processing, you can adjust the style yourself according to your own wishes.

Support by reviewing your book

Even if you don't publish with a publisher, you're not on your own. You can check your book for spelling and grammar yourself at tredition and view suggested corrections. According to Amazon KDP, an automated and a manual check take place. The correction notes are sent by e-mail; telephone queries are not possible.

E-book, paperback or hardcover: which format should you publish in?

Many self-publishers only decide to publish an e-book. However, the market share in the German book market is only six percent, so you should also offer a print version. According to the German Publishers and Booksellers Association, around 22 percent of readers prefer books in hardcover. At tredition, you can publish your book in paperback, hardcover, large print and e-book. This allows readers to choose the type of book they like best. Amazon KDP only offers the e-book and paperback variants.
Share of sales from eBooks in Germany

Source: Statista

What additional services and benefits are available?

Basically, you can publish your book project yourself at tredition free of charge. If you wish, you can book additional services such as editing or an individual cover design for a fee. However, this is not mandatory. Amazon KDP does not offer these services. For example, you have to search for a proofreader yourself. What services you need depends on you. But you should definitely not go without an editor. The rumor that self-publishers don't need an editor persists, just like other Errors.
Investing in a proofreading service makes sense in any case, because poor spelling and grammatical errors often lead to bad reviews. The result: declining sales figures.

What help is there with marketing and sales?

There are a total of around 5,000 bookstores in German-speaking countries. In addition, there are online stores and several hundred portals for e-books. Which distribution options are used and how your book is promoted depends on which self-publishing service provider you choose.

On which distribution channels is the book published?

While publications with Amazon KDP are available exclusively through Amazon, tredition distributes your book throughout bookstores and all major online stores, including Amazon, of course. Amazon is part of the Internet book trade, which in 2021 achieved a total sales share of only about 27% in Germany. So if you publish your work via Amazon KDP, you won't reach the remaining 73% of consumers in retail stores. Readers who browse in bookstores therefore have no chance of getting their hands on your book, and your book is also not available on other platforms such as Tolino, Apple, Kobo, or Ciando.
Sales shares by distribution channel in the book trade

Source: Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels

Do you need an ISBN in self-publishing?

The so-called International Standard Book Number (ISBN) can be found on the back of every book available for purchase in German bookstores. It helps booksellers to allocate and order books and facilitates sales processes. When publishing with tredition, the ISBN is included or you can use your own ISBNs. Amazon KDP also assigns ISBNs.

How are self-publishing authors supported in marketing?

Even after publication, the work is not over: now it's time for marketing. Whether via social media or your website, you should take action yourself and Author Marketing to make yourself known to the target group. For example, self-publishing service providers offer assistance with author pages at the respective provider. In addition to the author page, which tredition and Amazon KDP both offer, tredition supports you with numerous measures such as a digital press kit and tips and tricks in social media marketing - all free of charge. With Amazon KDP, you can launch price and free campaigns in addition to paid advertisements. This offers a short-term marketing effect, but mainly attracts "bargain hunters" who often buy cheap books indiscriminately and don't necessarily belong to your target group. Marketing measures are often associated with high costs with most self-publishing service providers, so find out in advance exactly which services you want to use and what total costs you should expect.

What are the costs and commissions?

At the Choosing a self-publishing service provider For many authors, the associated costs and commissions are decisive. But don't forget to check what services are included with self-publishing providers and what additional costs you will incur. For example, if your book is not available for order in bookstores and thus has little chance of selling, a low publishing price won't do you much good. High commissions sound tempting, but they don't help much if the title hardly sells.

Differences in the publication price

With tredition, you publish your book free of charge. You can use all the tools free of charge. These are
  • the project editor, with which you organize your book project
  • the cover designer, with which you design your cover
  • the text designer who does the book typesetting for you.
Amazon KDP is also free to publish, but your book will not be available for purchase in bookstores.

What is the composition of the author commission in self-publishing?

How much you earn on your book depends on the commission. This is calculated from the sales price. At tredition, you determine this yourself. However, there is a minimum sales price that results from the printing and distribution costs. With Amazon KDP, the sales price depends on certain list prices that Amazon sets as a basis for calculation. From the gross selling price, the discounts for the distributors and the printing and distribution costs are deducted and what remains is your commission. With the help of the Project computer of tredition, you can calculate your fee based on the sales price. On average, authors receive over 20 percent on printed books and 40 percent on e-books, based on the net retail price. The commission is higher for direct sales via the store than for sales via bookstores. Amazon KDP advertises author commissions of between 35 and 70 percent of net revenues. Ultimately, it's not the percentage of net revenue that matters, but the number of copies sold. A high unit commission is worth little without appropriate measures for good Sales opportunities in the book trade.

How do self-publishing providers differ legally?

In the case of a publication with tredition, a book contract is concluded in accordance with German law. This is a framework contract. You will be informed of any adjustments in good time. Because Amazon KDP is an American company, there is no possibility there to conclude a contract according to German publishing law. Amazon KDP reserves the right to change the contents of the agreement at any time. As an author you have to inform yourself about these changes. According to its own contract terms, Amazon KDP has the right to reformat, enlarge or reduce the size of books without consulting the author. Amazon KDP also reserves the right to decide whether and to what extent the reading sample, the "look into the book", is offered.

tredition or Amazon KDP: The comparison at a glance

  tredition Amazon
Cover design tredition Cover Designer Cover Creator
Text design tredition text designer as well as uploading print-ready files (Word, OpenOffice, InDesign) Word templates
Additional services Project partner for e.g. proofreading or cover design Additionally bookable marketing measures
Distribution Available in bookstores and all major online shops, ISBN Available via Amazon, no ISBN
Costs free of charge free of charge


Whether you choose tredition, Amazon KDP or another self-publishing provider depends on your needs and wishes. Ask yourself on which platforms your book should be distributed. Don't make this decision solely dependent on the commission per unit. In addition to marketing and distribution, one thing is crucial for good sales and a high profile: a well-written book.


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