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How to diversify your Amazon author page

You've published your book and it's already available in stores? Don't forget to take care of your author page on Amazon, too. This "signboard" can draw readers to your other books when they browse.

What is the author page on Amazon?

With the author page on Amazon you have a free possibility to present your author personality and your books on Amazon. It serves as a digital shop window and you can not only link your works there, but also introduce yourself in a short portrait and upload videos and pictures.

Author pages make you quick and easy to find as an author. If a reader browses through the books on Amazon and clicks on your author name or your Pseudonymhe comes directly to your author page. There he should find exciting information about you and the books at a glance. Otherwise, the mouse click goes immediately to the next book. Maintain your author page like a showcase in a bookstore. Present yourself and your books there in the best light.

Where can I find my Amazon author page?

Search Amazon for the title of your book, your author name, or the ISBN. Directly under the Book title you will find your author name. If you click on it, your author page will open.

Ina Raki See You In Yesterday Amazon
By clicking on your author name, interested people will jump directly to your author profile on Amazon.

How do I edit my Amazon author page?

If you haven't edited your profile yet, you can find here the information provided by the Publisher or self-publishing service provider transmitted information. Log in via Author Central to edit the page. You can view and edit your bibliography, add a nice photo and your vita, or upload videos.

Create author page

Click on the website Author Central on "Register" and log in to your Amazon account with your data. Amazon will automatically find the books that were published under that name. If not, you can add them under the category "Bookshelf". Just search for the book title or ISBN.

Now you can type in your bio. This must be at least 100 characters long and unformatted. You can store it under the menu item "Profile".

Upload photos and videos

You should also upload a professional author photo here. This makes your page more colorful and interesting. The image should not be larger than 4 MB and have between 300 and 2500 pixels in width and height. When uploading, make sure to click on a checkbox to confirm that you have all rights to the photo. Make sure to check this before uploading the image. With a click on "Manage" it is possible to change the order of the pictures or to delete a photo.

You can even add videos to your Amazon author page. For example, if there is a trailer for the book, it must definitely be included on the author page.

Amazon author page with video content by Celine von Knobelsdorff
Video content like a book trailer or other videos absolutely belong on the author page on Amazon.

What do I need to look for in my Amazon author page?

As with your books, the texts should be error-free and arouse the curiosity of your readers. Get them to engage with your books and, in the best case scenario, add them to their shopping cart. You can use storytelling to create emotion in your marketing, and capture your readers just by skimming the author's bio. Photos and videos help your readers form a picture of you and your books. The better and more current the information a reader gets, the more likely they are to buy your book.  

Four examples of a good Amazon author page

Theory is all well and good, but practical examples are the best way to illustrate what makes a good author page on Amazon. We introduce you to four tredition authors who have designed their pages in a varied and high-quality way. We also asked all four of them what is particularly important when designing an author's page.

Gabriela Kasperski, author of "Special Circumstances" and "Blogged into Happiness".

"An appealing photo, after all, that's the first thing that jumps out at you, and information that makes authors more personal. And fans should also hear about upcoming projects so they know it's coming."

Gabriela Kasperski
Amazon author page of hybrid author Gabriela Kasperski
Hybrid author Gabriela Kasperski has designed an attractive author page on Amazon that includes a bibliography and biography as well as an excerpt from a reading - an additional exciting source of information for readers.

Gabriela Kasperski's author page captivates at first glance with its likeable author photo. By juxtaposing the titles from her own publishing house and the books published by tredition, Kasperski directs readers who may know her through her crime novels to the other book titles as well - and vice versa. Also worth noting is the inclusion of audiovisual content: Gabriela Kasperski has included a reading as a video on her profile and gives a taste right there.

Astrid Ruppert, the author of "Tea with Ayman"...

"I think there are more and more readers who are interested in the people behind the books, who are looking for something to dock with."

Astrid Ruppert
Astrid Ruppert Amazon author page
On her Amazon author page, author Astrid Ruppert presents titles from traditional publishers as well as her latest book, published by tredition.

Author and screenwriter Astrit Ruppert gives her portrait a personal touch by telling us how she came to write. And readers can definitely dock with the versatile author. She presents not only an extraordinary biography on her site, but also a number of exciting books. She herself is a hybrid author, publishing with a publishing house as well as self-publishing.

Marcus Klug, author of "Tomorrow I'll Know More."

"Author Profile Tip: Be sure to include video!"

Marcus Klug
Marcus Klug Amazon author page
Digital expert Marcus Klug swears by audio-visual content on the Amazon author page.

The author portrait of Marcus klug not only provides information about his book and the blog about the book in his biography. In an explanatory video he explains the project "Morgen weiß ich mehr" and gives an insight into his and Michael Lindner's work behind the book project. Especially nice is the start of his bio with a quote that immediately entices the reader to find out more about the author. He swears by the use of videos.

Sabine Voshage, author of "Growing old was yesterday".

"Pictures are often worth a thousand words."

Sabine Voshage
Sabine Voshage Amazon author page
Sabine Voshage relies on the integration of images on her author page on Amazon to create reading incentives.

Sabine Voshage has a completely different approach on her author page. Instead of a photo of herself, she shows a press review of the book. This immediately demonstrates that the book is a success and is also interesting for the media. So why shouldn't I as a reader be interested in it? Furthermore, Voshage includes many pictures from the book and other press reports on her page. So a reader can get an idea of the author, the book and the content without having to click on a reading sample or a look into the book.


The author page on Amazon is a flagship for you as an author and your books. It's an important marketing tool. Don't neglect it; include photos, videos, and your author bio to make yourself interesting to readers. Also, be sure to update your Amazon author page regularly to add new promotional content and keep titles and dates "up to date." This will keep the page interesting for your existing and new readers and create incentives to buy.


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