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Project Editor

We will guide you step by step through the whole process - no matter if you are a beginner or a pro - everyone will get their money's worth! Just tell us your category and we will prepare everything for you. You don't need any previous knowledge.

Publication made easy!

  • Self-Publishing: You decide if you want to publish your book in bookstores and online stores and earn from every sale.
  • Tips: At each step towards publishing or book printing, you'll get important tips on what to look out for.
  • Suggestions on equipment: For each genre, the tredition project editor recommends which material (type of paper, type of binding, cover finish) is most common in order to optimise the price-performance ratio for your project.


  • Only here Four book types at once: Create your book in softcover, hardcover, e-book, and large-print editions in one go. That way, you'll reach the most readers.
  • New Large print: If you want, you can automatically create a large font output for people with visual impairment. The font size should then usually be between 15 and 19 points. Use the tredition text designer and font size and type will be optimized automatically!
  • Different formats: A softcover is usually smaller than the hardcover or large print edition. We already set the appropriate formats for the different book types. Use our tredition Designer and your inner part and cover will be adjusted automatically.
  • Only here Unlimited format selectionChoose from worldwide standard formats, e.g. DIN A5, or use a completely individual format and determine width and height yourself.

tredition Cover Designer

If you don't want to design your cover with your own programs, then try our tredition cover designer. Build a book you can be proud of - without any previous knowledge of graphics!

Wide variety of templates and color palettes

  • Templates: Choose a design from nearly 100 templates. You can filter by style (e.g. futuristic, eerie, glamorous) or genre. The designs come exclusively from award-winning cover designers. We update and expand the templates regularly.
  • Click through templates: Don't decide based on dummies. Design some elements that are important to you and then click through different templates. Your cover will instantly appear in the new design.
  • Start without template: Start on a white cover and gradually add graphic elements and text boxes.
  • Save templates: For further book projects or your book series design, you can save any cover design - whether based on a template or started by you on a blank sheet - as a template. This way, your next cover design projects will be totally easy.
  • Only here Color palettesIf you like a template, you can view it in a whole range of colour-coordinated colour palettes, each with six different colours. With one click, your book will look completely different.
  • Own color palettesBuild your own color palettes manually with six different colors or get a mix of colors from a base color. You can then easily add them to your book series design.
    Mega feature!
  • Create color palette from a photoIn order for your cover to match the color scheme of an uploaded cover motif, you can select the most important colors from your image or an image detail. We create your own color palette from this, which contains the most important colors of your image motif. You can then further customize it according to your wishes.

Without the tredition cover designer

  • Your own softwareOf course you can also create your cover with other programs, e.g. Affinity Designer or Adobe InDesign. You can then upload your documents to us as a PDF.
  • Checklists and exams: To make sure you get it right the first time, you'll find detailed instructions and checklists for creating print-ready files in the project creation section.
  • TemplatesYou can download templates that already have the right dimensions for all the book types in your book project and start directly in your graphics program, e.g. Photoshop. You can also give them to an illustrator. He will then know exactly how to lay out your covers and interior parts.


  • Only here Text modulesDon't be surprised if your cover is ready at first sight. We add all the important and typical elements automatically. These are title, subtitle, author, blurb and author profile. Of course, you can still customize everything.
  • All book types at onceYou have to imagine that! The softcover is smaller than the hardcover and yet you edit both together. What you change on the softcover will be adjusted in the right size and aspect ratio on the other book types as well. You can work on any book type.
  • Only here Edit book types individually: Whether format, material or contents in the inner part and cover. Each book type can be edited for itself. In the case of the large print edition, for example, a note on the cover "large print" fits.
  • Barcode: The book trade needs barcodes on the back of the book. We add them directly to the cover with the correct ISBN for each type of book. You slide it where you like.
  • LevelsA cover design contains many elements. In order to keep an overview and to be able to click on elements that are hidden by others, the elements are layered on top of each other. Here you can also easily change the alignment (top, bottom, in front, behind) in relation to other objects via drag & drop.
  • Images: Integrate your own images, graphics and illustrations. Edit them with professional image effects.
  • Image checkWhen uploading your image, we immediately check whether it is suitable for printing. Do the resolution and the colors fit?
  • SampleWe have designed hundreds of patterns, gradients, ornaments, structures, etc. ourselves. Use them by drag & drop and change them in color, size, style and much more.
  • Image Database: Search for terms that match your book. You will get search results from our own creation or from Picasa. From both, you can immediately drag and drop the images into your cover.
  • Guide linesDraw as many guide lines as you like, horizontally or vertically. You can also align them exactly to the ruler.
  • Bleed margin: Did you know that softcovers and hardcovers must have a different size bleed margin? You don't have to worry about that. We'll show you for each type of book how exactly you should position graphic elements, in particular, so that they also look their best on the edge of the book.
  • Dimensions automaticYou have selected your formats (height, width) for your book types in the "Settings". We automatically create the correct dimensions, e.g. how wide your spine must be depending on the type of paper and number of pages - for each book type. Even if you have selected a different paper type for a hardcover than for a softcover.
  • Only here 3-D view:

    Schau dir alle Buchtypen in einer 3-D-Ansicht an und gewinne einen guten Eindruck wie dein Buch in der Hand eines Lesers wirkt.

Book production

New Material selection

  • Passende Papierauswahl: Wähle aus verschiedenen Text- und Bilddruckpapieren.
  • FSC certificatesSustainability is very important to us! That's why all the types of paper we offer are FSC-certified. This means that they are all bleached without chlorine.
  • Many binding styles: Wähle aus diesen Einbandarten: Softcover, Ringbuch, Klammerheftung, oder Hardcover.
  • Seitenanzahl von 24 bis 1.400: ultra-short story or epic novel. We can go from very little to very much.
  • Test printYou can order a test print of all book types of your book project at any time and also several times. The price will be displayed during the configuration of the book project.


  • E-Book-Herstellung (kostenpflichtig): We convert your manuscript into the most common non-retailer e-book formats. Currently, these are EPUB and MOBI.
  • New Your own e-bookIf you already have an e-book, you are welcome to upload it yourself. We check it once and then distribute it to all e-book stores in our distribution network.

Printing in colour

  • Colour pages at a glance: Pages with colored elements are recognized directly and shown to you in an overview. You can accept the selection of pages to be printed in color or deselect them individually, in sections or completely.

Author's copy

  • 1 to 1,000No matter how many copies you want, you can order any quantity at any time. There are no minimum order quantities and it usually only takes a few days to receive your books.
  • Only here Individualised or special editionsWithout much effort you can create and order individualized author copies, e.g. for a certain person with a greeting. You can also make special editions, e.g. with a special material or for a certain season.
  • Attractive discountsGet up to 40% off the single copy price if you need a larger number of author copies. 20% is available for as few as 100 copies.

Book marketing

Trade Marketing

  • Staggered publicationYou can offer your book types for sale from different points in time. Classic book publishers start with the hardcover and end with the softcover at some point. You set the dates yourself and can also update them at any time.
  • News for the book trade: Have you received an award for your book or an important review (e.g. in a national newspaper) or are you due to appear on a talk show? We update the booksellers' catalogues immediately with the news so that they can inform readers about your book in the best possible way.
  • Readings: In the context of readings by our authors, booksellers receive special conditions so that they can present a beautiful reading table.
  • Catalog and metadataBooksellers receive your book classified in the appropriate international book classification systems Theme, BIC, BISAC and WGS. We regularly optimize the classification of your books.
  • Only here Buying points: To help booksellers tell interested readers more about a book than it says on the cover, we convey your buying points in questions and answers, just as you would have presented your book to a reader.
  • In-Book Marketing: Insert an advertisement for other books or new releases of yours for a certain period of time in some or all of the book types of your projects.
  • Previews: Du entscheidest selber, ob dein Buch in Auszügen bei Google Books oder Amazon „Blick ins Buch“ einsehbar ist.


  • Only here Digital Press Kit: In a digital press kit designed by us for download, you present yourself and your book to journalists, bloggers and influencers. Always up to date with all the information you release. The press kit contains, among other things, your author vita with FAQ about you, a newsroom, your bibliography, press images of you and your book and reading samples.
  • Only here Direct press distribution listJournalists, bloggers, influencers and anyone who is interested in new books can subscribe to our press distribution list. You choose which genres or even very specific topics of our books you want us to inform about.

Author profile

  • Homepage in the tredition ShopMaintain your vita in the tredition Shop with news, photos, exciting FAQs about you and events you are doing. This will make your profile in the tredition shop a real eye-catcher.
  • Profiles at Booksellers: Everything you maintain in your author profile at tredition, we also pass on to booksellers - including all the updates you make. Unfortunately, not all retailers adopt this information. Unfortunately, that is out of our hands.
  • Social accounts: Link your social accounts in the author profile and use the reach of the tredition shop to direct visitors to your social accounts.
  • Multiple profilesYou can create and maintain as many profiles as you like. Publishers can manage all authors.


  • Selling price selectableYou set the selling price for each book type (softcover, hardcover, e-book, large print edition) of your project.
  • Calculate earnings immediatelyIn the earnings calculator you can freely choose your sales price and calculate your earnings per book type and sales channel.
  • Only here Exclusive special editionsOffer special editions, which are e.g. particularly high-quality or have additional contents. You can only offer these for a certain period of time or limit the quantity. Or you can only offer them for sale via the tredition shop to increase your earnings.

Internet marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)We identify and store keywords that match your book project and, above all, what potential readers are looking for on the Internet in the tredition Shop.
  • Current contentsIn various sections, you can find information about yourself and your book projects that appear in the tredition shop. Contribute current information about yourself and your book and ensure that it is up to date, because search engines show current information first.
  • RatingsWe ask buyers of your book to rate it in the tredition Shop. Search engines rate books with many reviews significantly more important.
  • Press commentaryLink from your author profile to external press reviews and thus show the relevance of your book in the tredition Shop.
  • Full text searchesIf you participate in Google Books, your content is also indexed and can be found by search engines.

Only here Book Updates

  • Free updateYou can update your book project at any time. We update your print data and inform all booksellers to whom we send book data directly (and not via wholesalers) immediately when you have made an update.
  • New edition free of chargeIf you make major changes to your book project, you can always create and publish a new edition free of charge. We will then remove the old edition from the market and replace it with the new one.

Book distribution


  • Wholesale: Listung bei allen relevanten Großhändlern (sog. „Barsortimenten). Im deutschsprachigen Buchmarkt sind das Libri (D), Zeitfracht (D), Umbreit (D), Mohr Morawa (A) und das Schweizer Buchzentrum (CH). Das klappte bisher bei mehr als 100.000 Titeln. Theoretisch müssen die Großhändler aber nicht jeden Titel listen.
  • Online tradingYour books can be ordered from all major online retailers. These include Amazon, Thalia, Hugendubel, Osiander and more than 2,000 online shops of smaller booksellers.
  • tredition ShopYour book will be available in our tredition store immediately after it goes on sale. You will earn more money if your books are sold directly from us.
  • Retail: Jeder Buchhändler kann deine Bücher bestellen. Am besten bestellen Buchhändler direkt bei ihrem bevorzugten Barsortiment.
  • E-booksWhen you publish an e-book with us, it is available from all major e-book retailers. Readers can find it on Amazon Kindle, Tolino, Google Books, Apple iBooks, Kobo and Libreka, among others.
  • Flat rate and lendingYou can decide whether you want to participate with your e-book. These are, among others, Amazon Kindle Unlimited, Skoobe or Onleihe.
  • View copy editingBooksellers order copies via the usual channels in the book market. We forward these to you so that you can convince with a personal message. 
  • Directory of books in print: Your books are all listed in the Directory of Available Books in Europe with "Gold Status".
  • New Exclusively in the tredition ShopDecide whether you want to offer your book for a freely selectable period of time or only for sale in the tredition Shop. You will then receive the generally higher earnings for sales in the tredition Shop for each copy sold during this period. 

ISBN and publisher's mark

  • ISBN: You will receive an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for all book types (softcover, hardcover, e-book, large-print edition) of your project. With these ISBNs, your books can be ordered in stores worldwide.
  • Your own ISBN: You can also use your own ISBNs if you are a publisher or even if you are doing a book project but prefer to use your own ISBNs.
  • Only here Own publishing brand without a publisher: Publish your books with your own publishing brand at tredition without founding a publishing house. Your book will be listed under this publisher's name in the book catalogues and online shops.
  • Own book seriesPublish your books in your own book series. The name of your book series will be displayed with your book in book catalogues and online shops. Some even show a series profile (publisher, focus), which you can also maintain with us.
  • Publishers: All services are also available to publishers - even with multiple publishing brands.
  • National Library: No matter whether our ISBN or yours, we fulfil the obligation of delivery to the German National Library for you.

Services from experts

If you want to have individual services around your book, you are also right with us. We design the inside of the book (text design) and your cover. And our editors will find every mistake.

Cover design

  • Different cover design offers: You can choose between different cover design offers: you decide how individual you want your cover design to be.
  • Cover design with tredition template: You choose one of the professional cover templates from tredition. We create the cover design based on this template and adapt it for your project. We provide you with the cover design in the tredition cover designer.
  • Cover design completely individual: With an individual cover design, no template is used, but we develop a unique design for you. With individual cover designs you can also order several slightly different designs. 
    We provide you with the cover design in the tredition cover designer and you can edit it further - if you like.
  • Image research: According to your wishes (briefing) we select images as a suggestion for your cover design. You then decide which one you want to use. This service includes the appropriate license so that you can use it for your e-book and printed book.

Text check: proofreading

  • Proofreading: We correct your manuscript for spelling and punctuation errors. We do not suggest stylistic or logical changes during proofreading.

Text review: proofreading

  • Comprehensive Testing: We check your book for: general comprehensibility, readability of content and good reading flow, simple presentation of complicated facts/action instructions, errors or inconsistencies, appropriate sentence structure, incorrect word reference, correct use of tenses, frequent word repetitions, unnecessary filler words, optimal word choice, spelling, grammar and punctuation, logic, consistent writing style.... and work out suggestions for improvement for you.
  • Factual accuracy: We check not the factual correctness. Example: If you use years in a history book, we don't check them. Also, we do not check the literary quality, legal or other content-related aspects.

What else is in it for you?

Reports and financial matters

  • Sales: You can see on a daily basis how often and where (trade or our shop) your books were bought.
  • Statistics: Use the detailed charts and statistics, which you can also download, to better analyse your successes, e.g. which marketing activity went particularly well.
  • Earnings: We pay your earnings by the 15th of each month. You decide whether to a bank or Paypal account.
  • Artists' Social Security Fund: We pay all required contributions to the Künstlersozialkasse in Germany.


  • SupportUse our support area for all your publishing or book printing questions. You'll find FAQs, a manual, videos, checklists and much more.
  • Support: At each step in the project editor, a help area is available to answer typical questions of that step.
  • TipsFor most steps in the project editor, you will receive tips from experienced experts from the tredition team.
  • Contact: Our competent team is at your disposal here. We try to answer as soon as possible.


Our tools perform various checks on your book project and show you the results. This gives you the confidence to print and/or publish a solid book. You see:

  • Color pages: We detect which pages in your document contain colored elements and show you those pages. You decide which of them should be printed in color.
  • Print: Checking of the cover and inner part with regard to printability, colour space and resolution
  • Shop PreviewPreview the presentation of your book in the tredition shop as desktop and tablet/smartphone.
  • What we do not doWe're not analyzing your book. We don't change anything. We are not responsible for your content!


  • Delete book project at treditionYou can delete books at any time with 14 days' notice. We will then delete your book project from the tredition shop.
  • Book project in the book market "deleteWe stop the production of your printed book types. We inform all trade partners we informed about your book project at the time of publication that your book is "no longer available" - also for e-books. Unfortunately, we cannot retrieve copies already delivered to book wholesalers or retailers. The copies have already been sold to the retailers. Otherwise, that would be like us taking the books back from readers as well. Dealers can still sell these books without a time limit. In addition, we cannot influence the fact that your book is sold second-hand and offered on platforms. So your book project will continue to be listed in dealers' directories. This includes the title data incl. excerpts of the inner part in the form of reading samples (e.g. "Blick ins Buch"). We cannot have this data deleted. The title data and digital editions will also continue to remain in the directories of libraries.
  • The Internet does not forget: Not even your book project. We don't delete posts about your book project that are displayed by search engines. We also do not delete postings on social media. Furthermore, we are not obliged to delete entries on websites that we do not operate ourselves.
  • Delete accountWe're not holding you. If you want to delete your account, you do it with one click. We will then pay all outstanding earnings with the next statement. 14 days and you are rid of us.

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