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Adventurers, creative minds and enablers.
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Freedom to succeed for every good book idea.

tredition transforms clever texts and fantastic stories into high-quality books. We accompany our authors on their journey to book success. Constantly searching for new ways and possibilities. Always with open eyes and ears, but without limits.

What's important to us with book projects

Our authors
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Our authors

Those who publish with tredition love freedom. They bubble over with energy and creativity. They entertain, enlighten and whisk us away to foreign worlds.

We thank you for all the kind words!

Our team

Hi, we're tredition. Our team consists of book experts, editors, marketing professionals and technology freaks. Our motto: Nothing's impossible.

Why do you like working at tredition?

Self-Publishing Adventure

We've always wanted to go out into the world. Have adventures, be free. First with our backpacks, then with our own company. Boundaries just weren't our thing. In 2006 we put all our eggs in one basket and founded tredition, one of the world's first self-publishing companies.
Sanda and Sönke are adventurers
Sandra & Sönke, founders of tredition

But with the first years came the first problems. As with almost all startups (or backpackers), money was tight. But instead of approaching the nearest bank, we made our way to TV and won 50.000 Euro for our family business competing in the "Quiz with Pilawa" TV show.

The prize money was like a magic potion for our small business. Various innovation awards and the ever-growing interest of the author world also kept us from giving up. We invested days and nights in our vision. We no longer knew weekends. Because we preferred to put our money into our technology rather than a fancy office, we worked from our small apartment. It was part of our daily routine to sit with our authors in our living room to create books together.

We were facing opposition from the traditional publishing industry right from the start. Go figure! As different-minded newcomers, we questioned the traditional publishing business and turned it upside down. We were convinced that every book deserved its stage, whether the editors of the publishing world liked it or not. They were often wrong anyway. Promising manuscripts such as Harry Potter by Joanne K. Rowling were rejected by dozens of publishers. We wanted to change that by hook or by crook.

Today, tredition is one of the leading companies in the self-publishing industry. We develop all the tools for authors ourselves exclusively. Because from our more than 16 years of experience, we know what really helps authors. Great technology without unneccessary bells and whistles. Therefore book success is easier than ever before. So let's get started, the adventure awaits.

Numbers, please!

55,000+ books

We could fill entire bookstores with our titles. And that's what we're doing.

98% happy customers

We're happy about every positive feedback. And we're working on making the last 2% happy too.

1 heart for Hamburg

We are a family business with Hanseatic values. No frills.

20,000+ authors

A whole small town of writers relies on us. From beginners to professionals, from the creative to the doer.

10 employees

Founded in 2006 as a team of two, now a whole team takes care of our author's book success.

We love trees

The world needs great books. And great books need healthy forests. That's why we're actively committed to reforestation. We plant a tree for every published book project.

We love trees

Become part of the team

Do you also feel like becoming one of our authors? Then get started right away. It's not rocket science! Everything you need to know can be found in our support center.