“Book of the Month” May 2017

“Digital Guest Experience”

Björn Radde

Digital Guest ExperienceDigital Guest Experience – Optimizing the digital guest experience

In his new book, “Digital Guest Experience”, Björn Radde shows hospitality providers how to keep up with digital developments.

Today, hotel guests don’t have to interact with people unless they want to. Check-ins can be done online and the room key is often handed out by a machine. The days of long queues and waiting times in hotels are over – at least in the big chain hotels. Guest experiences in hotels will become even more digitalized in the future and hospitality providers who don’t keep up with these developments will soon lose customers. Digital Guest Experience tools as presented in Björn Radde’s titel “Digital Guest Experience” are an investment area within the digital value chain that should be reviewed and implemented by the hotel industry.

Radde explains how the guest journey has changed and describes the most important digital guest experience instruments for optimizing the hotel’s engagement, as well as their impact on guest satisfaction and revenue. Readers who work in the industry will be inspired by the ideas and highly motivated to make changes in their own hotel. Hotel guests can look forward to these changes and get used to a completely new guest experience in the near future.


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