Revelations of Divine Deception.

“Book of the Month” May 2019

Revelations of Divine Deception

James Winborne

Revelations of Divine Deception.Revelations of Divine Deception – Wise and critical thoughts on organized Christian religions

In James Winborne’s new book “Revelations of Divine Deception”, he explains what caused him to leave the church.

A thirst for knowledge, wisdom and understanding had always been part of the author’s life since grade school. So it is no surprise that he came to a point in life where he started to devour books, especially the Bible. By the time he became an adult and actively engaged in ministry, the scriptures were his true passion. To him, reading the bible was like a big bowl of ice cream. The more he “ate” from it, the more he wanted it. And he wanted to share what he learned with other people. He takes issue with Christians who said they loved the word, but they never read the actual book. In this book, he wants to encourage Christians to think. What they will find on these pages are questions. Some people might find them to be blasphemous, some will say, it is apostasy at its very worst. The author, however, is not viewing the questions from the perspective of organized religion, but from the perspective of someone who thinks for himself.

The insightful book “Revelations of Divine Deception” by James Winborne is a thoughtful journey into the mysteries and secrets of ancient and modern Christianity. The author helps readers to discover new age answers to old age questions. It is here where he wants his readers to realize that almost everything they have been taught by organized religion is a lie. By letting readers take part on his own journey for truth, he opens up doors to them. He wants Christians to truly understand the Bible – and encourage them to make up their own minds by reading it.

Love or War

“Book of the Month” April 2019

Love or War

Chanel Monay


Love or WarLove or War – an authentic story about love, betrayal and the rules of war

In Chanel Monay’s “Love or War” life hits the heroine with nasty surprises and some obstacles that seem too hard to conquer.

Ashley marries the man of her dreams. But on the day of her wedding, she loses him to her best friend. Her world is turned upside down. The devastating betrayal from the most beloved sends her into a deep depression. Nevertheless, she will not be conquered by the misfortune and comes out of the experience with her head held high. As she fights to regain control of her life and her future, she is aware that it will be a hard fight, but she is determined to win. Will she let love prevail or will she be defeated in war? Will she forgive or will she move on all while being in the public eye and open for judgement?

The hilarious novel “Love or War” by Chanel Monay is the second part of the “Love” Series. This time the sory is told completely from the bride’s point of view. Monay narrates a story of betrayal and loss, but also a story of bravery, hope and new beginnings. Some friendships are lost and some grow tighter. Love is found and love is lost. The heroine lives through the good and the bad. But most of all, she learns the lesson that there are no rules in love and war. The entertaining Urban novel will appeal to readers who enjoy romantic stories with some spice.

Crime scene church by Kurt Bauer

“Book of the Month” March 2019

“Crime scene church

Kurt Bauer

Crime scene church by Kurt Bauer "Book of the Month" March 2019Crime scene church – A personal account of sexual abuse in a supposed safe haven

Kurt Bauer tells his story in “Crime scene church” and gives advice on how to prevent sexual abuse.

As a child, the author’s parents enrolled him into a Franciscan boarding school in order to give him a well-founded education under the protection of monastic welfare. However, the author suffered sexual abuse at the hands of his authority figures. His time at the boarding school turned into a never-ending nightmare. The Fathers proved to be double-faced: friendly on the outside and violent on the inside. Sexually abused several times and violently knocked down, the author became alienated from myself, shattering his inner self.

In his book “Crime scene church”, Kurt Bauer shares his memories in a moving and honest way. He openly describes blind spots in his perception and thinking that became his survival strategy for dealing with what had happened to him. For him, these issues became quite normal; living with a total disconnect between his past and present. Only when his life broke apart and he became suicidal, did the author realize that he needed help. By telling his story, Kurt Bauer wants to help other victims, and also give advice on how to avoid sexual abuse. His book discusses a sensitive topic in a way that inspires and gives hope.


“Book of the Month” February 2019


Ina Weinbauer-Heidel and Masha Ibeschitz-Manderbach

WHAT MAKES TRAINING REALLY WORKWhat Makes Training Really Work – Powerful advise for effective vocational training

If you want to make sure your investments into training courses pays off, Ina Weinbauer-Heidel’s and Masha Ibeschitz-Manderbach’s“What Makes Training Really Work” is a must-read.

It is no secret that training courses and seminars are better at inducing yawns than at actually imparting useful information and/or new skills to participants. Training courses are often a waste of time and money. It is a sad – but not entirely surprising – fact that not even 20% of what is taught in courses will eventually be put into practice. Training programs are also regularly first in line to fall victim to budget cuts. It does not have to be that way. If done right, training programs can create incredible results, motivate workers and encourage more creative thinking. But how? Ina Weinbauer-Heidel’s book answers this question. The author sums up over 100 years of transfer research and demonstrates that transfer success can indeed be managed.

In “What Makes Training Really Work” by Ina Weinbauer-Heidel and Masha Ibeschitz-Manderbach, readers learn about the 12 levers of transfer effectiveness®. These represent the gist of scientific research for HR practitioners. Once familiar with them, readers will know what determines transfer success and how to manage it. This book presents a conclusive framework based on a solid scientific foundation, along with more than 50 tools and interventions that HR developers, training providers and trainers can use to maximize the effectiveness of any training course or program. It truly is a must read for anyone who would like to make sure that their investments into training programs are never seen as a mistake again.

“Book of the Month” January 2019

“Tiger Salamanders

James Hamilton

Tiger Salamanders – Introduction to a fascinating animal

In „Tiger Salamanders“, author Jens Benthien teaches interested beginners to keep and breed these unusual animals.

Tiger Salamanders are not your usual pet. They aren’t what the general public would describe as cute, and keeping and possibly evenbreeding them requires detailed knowledge of their specific needs. In his new book, Jens Benthien introduces the interested beginner to the world of keeping and breeding these fascinating animals in a terrarium. He also provides useful suggestions for the more advanced terrarium keeper. While tiger salamanders are well suited to the beginner in keeping amphibians, the species is also of interest to the more advanced enthusiast.

Readers of “Tiger Salamanders” by Jens Benthien will learn more about the genus, the distribution, and the ecology of tigersalamanders in the wild. The author details how to house these animals according to their biological needs, how to properly feed and care for them, and what is required to propagate representatives of the North American tiger salamanders of the genus Ambystoma. The book’s explanations are complemented by approximately 80 color photographs.

This is Not Your Parent’s Retirement

“Book of the Month” December 2018

“This is Not Your Parent’s Retirement

James Hamilton

This is Not Your Parent’s RetirementThis is Not Your Parent’s Retirement – Advice for people who don’t want to be poor as a pensioner

James Hamilton shares his insights about financial wellbeing with readers of “This is Not Your Parent’s Retirement”.

Many people don’t look forward to their retirement because they feel like their financial future is anything but secure. More and more people worry about not being able to live a comfortable life once they stop working – and that is a realistic fear. However, financial wellbeing does not have to be an utopian dream if you know how to properly prepare for your retirement and make the right financial decisions. James Hamilton is committed to financial wellbeing and has uncovered options many financial advisors failed to pursue with clients.

He feels these strategies are too important to not present to clients for consideration. In his new book, he makes this information available for everyone who wants to look towards their retirement with optimism.In “This is Not Your Parent’s Retirement” by James Hamilton, readers learn more about the Biblical principles of money, which are designed to empower people by allowing their money to work optimally. He shares information on tactical, indexing, and tax-free strategies in a way that is easy to understand and realistic to apply. The book is a must read for people who want to win the race to a secure and comfortable retirement.

The Violence of Mankind and Some Outrageous Solutions

„Book of the Month“ November 2018

“The Violence of Mankind and Some Outrageous Solutions

Todd Voitel

The Violence of Mankind and Some Outrageous SolutionsThe Violence of Mankind and Some Outrageous Solutions – Advice on creating a better future for the world

Todd Voitel wants to encourage the readers of “The Violence of Mankind and Some Outrageous Solutions” to change their thinking.

With 50 years of life experience under his belt, Todd Voitel knows how life works. He has seen a world full of violence and warfare. He knows that such a world is not what the majority of its inhabitants want. His new book with a strong focus on Christian ideals offers a unique look at the creation of the Rainbow in the Scriptures to explain the true power hidden in its meaning. Todd Voitel explains the importance of different nations and cultures laying aside their differences to eventually agree on a common goal for mankind: a world of peace and security for everyone.

According to “The Violence of Mankind and Some Outrageous Solutions” by Todd Voitel, the source of violence and warfare is that people do not understand the Law of Sowing and Reaping. The author aims to educate them to create a different, better future. Unlike others, Todd Voitel isn’t scared to offer rather outrageous solutions to common problems. His thought-provoking ideas will stay with readers even if they don’t implement his solutions in their own lives.

The Fear Beneath

“Book of the Month” October 2018

“The Fear Beneath

Christian Kemper

The Fear Beneath

The Fear Beneath – in-depth reader on sharks

Christian Kemper’s readers dive into the fascinating world of underwater predators in his new book “The Fear Beneath”.

Sharks are fascinating but misunderstood animals, often reduced to the role of horror movie predator. To the author, sharks are frightening and beautiful at the same time and epitomize the unknown. Human ingenuitiy grants us the illusion of complete control: from atoms and genes to the destiny of our planet. This makes it especially humbling that these large fish put us back in our place. A shark will eat a human, regardless of whether the human considers themself higher in the food chain. For the shark, food is food.

The non-fiction book “The Fear Beneath” is Christian Kemper’s first English publication on sharks. Previously, his two titles have only been available in German. Many requests from English-speaking friends inspired him to make his books more widely available. This book contains the best material from his first two books and articles. The readers will learn  many fascinating facts such as how few shark attacks actually happen during an average year. The book also raises awareness of the need for conservation as most people are unaware of how much shark populations have dwindled.


“Book of the Month” US September 2018


Michel F. Bolle


100 INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES – Useful lessons for everyone

Michel F. Bolle helps readers of “100 INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES” achieve success and happiness in their life.

A well chosen quote can change someone’s life if it is read at the right time and with the right state of mind. The quotes in Michel F. Bolle’s collection of inspirational quotes were chosen because they can have a a profound impact on socially-minded people; e.g. business owners, sports executives, club leaders and many others. But the lessons contained within the pages are also useful for anyone seeking to improve the way they interact with the people around them. Inspirational quotes activate emotional pulse points in people’s hearts, especially when they are in distress. The right quote can help them see the proverbial silver lining, and give them that extra burst of hope and courage to persevere.

The book “100 INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES” by Michel F. Bolle is the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for someone you care about. A great added-value present for your sports or business team. In this improved 2018 edition, Michel F. Bolle has added some fantastic full-color pictures to underscore his encouraging messages.

Midnite's Journey

“Book of the Month” US August 2018

“Midnite’s Journey

Dana Silkiss

Midnite's JourneyMidnite’s Journey – Intriguing crime and romance novel

Dana Silkiss takes readers of the novel “Midnite’s Journey” on a dark journey through America’s hell.

Midnite wants to be a star, but just as his musical career is about to go viral, he finds himself enduring the most terrifying tests of his young life. Together with Midnite, readers travel straight into America’s hell and wonder whether they’ll ever see the light again. Abducted by corrupt police and forced into slave labor, the musical prodigy is plunged into a true nightmare, witnessing prostitution, torture and murder. Alone, he must rely on his intellect, creativity and dreams of his music. While the events within the pages of this novel are too horrible to be true, they are based on a true story.

The spellbinding novel “Midnite’s Journey” by Dana Silkiss adresses corruption, forced and illegal labor as well as prostitution, romance and murder. The aftermath of Midnite’s escape is as riveting as the lead story. It details the beginnings of today’s privatized correctional facilities as well as the present day madness of America’s correctional policies. The novel is an intriguing mix of socio-critical crime thriller and mystery with a dash of romance thrown in to balance it all out.