“Book of the Month” US September 2018


Michel F. Bolle


100 INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES – Useful lessons for everyone

Michel F. Bolle helps readers of “100 INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES” achieve success and happiness in their life.

A well chosen quote can change someone’s life if it is read at the right time and with the right state of mind. The quotes in Michel F. Bolle’s collection of inspirational quotes were chosen because they can have a a profound impact on socially-minded people; e.g. business owners, sports executives, club leaders and many others. But the lessons contained within the pages are also useful for anyone seeking to improve the way they interact with the people around them. Inspirational quotes activate emotional pulse points in people’s hearts, especially when they are in distress. The right quote can help them see the proverbial silver lining, and give them that extra burst of hope and courage to persevere.

The book “100 INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES” by Michel F. Bolle is the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for someone you care about. A great added-value present for your sports or business team. In this improved 2018 edition, Michel F. Bolle has added some fantastic full-color pictures to underscore his encouraging messages.

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