“Book of the Month” US May 2018

“Mindful Measures

Laurie Conteh

Mindful Measures

Mindful Measures – Mindful, Sustainable, Client Based Nutrition

Laurie Conteh helps readers of “Mindful Measures” understand why portion sizes are more important than what you eat.

According to Laurie Conteh, there are basically no bad foods. You can theoretically eat anything you want as long as you know how to portion your meals properly. Most people eat portions that are far too big, and then wonder why they gain weight or can’t seem to lose it. This book gives readers the answers to why this is happening. First, the author looks at our metabolism in general and how much energy our bodies need to function properly. Conteh then analyzes all food groups in detail.

The new book “Mindful Measures” by Laurie Conteh helps readers understand portion sizes and balanced eating, but is more than just a collection of facts. Readers are encouraged to think about their relationship with food and what they actually want to achieve by changing their diet. The author empasizes that readers need to be conscious of their motivations when deciding how much to eat. If you want to lose or maintain your weight but struggle to do so, then this could be the book to help you. You will learn how much food your body really needs and why there is no need to cut out treats and foods you really love.

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