“Book of the Month” July 2018

When the PAST becomes the FUTURE

Rose M. Kuonen

When the PAST becomes the FUTUREWhen the PAST becomes the FUTURE  – Life-like, exciting stories based on true events

Rose M. Kuonen’s stories in “When the PAST becomes the FUTURE” are inspired by psychological principles and ancient wisdom alike.

For many, reading is more than mere entertainment; they read because stories give them a fresh outlook on life and offer support in everyday life, ethics and self-awareness. Many readers were prompted to change their way of thinking by the stories they consumed. Rose M. Kuonen’s book could be one of the few to have this kind of life-changing impact on readers. In her story, apocalyptic prophecies come to pass; it seems that mankind is not punished for its sins but that the sins themselves are the punishment. When most people are no longer in touch with themselves, they are deaf to the cries of the environment. Kuonen imagines what the consequences of this would look like.

While the stories in “When the PAST becomes the FUTURE” by Rose M. Kuonen are no doubt exciting, the author’s greatest achievement is conveying important lessons to her readers. Life after the catastrophe forces her characters to focus on the truly important things and to discover a valuable opportunity in the midst of the crisis. Based on true events, the stories are down-to earth and grounded in psychology and ancient wisdom.

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