"Book of the Month" September US 2019

“Book of the Month” September 2019

“Nations Divided

Carsten Stark

"Book of the Month" September US 2019Nations Divided – fascinating non-fiction book on contemporary sociological theory is our “Book of the Month” US September 2019

Carsten Stark explains the cultural division of modern Western societies in his book “Nations Divided”.

The focus of “Nations Divided” is on the cultural division of modern Western societies. You will learn in this book that this division might be a lot deeper than you might have thought and affects many societal areas. Carsten Stark explains in his book that the internet is not to blame for this cultural division, but that it is simply a tool that makes it easier to see how serious the problem already is. One of the main problems is that more and more people are simply not interested in voting any longer. However, this does not mean that non-voters are not interested in political issues. Political elites seem to not understand this as they have mixed up lack of participation with lack of interest. The negotiating state, which conducts expert discussions in backrooms, is overtaxed with this situation.

According to “Nations Divided” by Carsten Stark, the progressive-liberal society is only conceivable as a democracy, and democracy can only be protected from the demagogy of the permanent campaigners when the state creates new institutions to this end and rethinks its role. The  author explains that there is only one answer to the problem: nations need more democracy, more participation and less exclusion through expert knowledge. Above all, the liberal elites must throw their truth ideology overboard and seriously devote themselves to the social inclusion of the population.

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