“Book of the Month” September 2017

The Girl Who Bled Ink

Eve Annajane

The Girl Who Bled InkThe Girl Who Bled Ink – Poems about youth, power, and love

Eve Annajane gives a poetic insight into the mind of a teenager’s life in her collection “The Girl Who Bled Ink”.

The poems in this collection offer a unique insight into the soul of mankind. While being a pleasure to read, they also open the reader’s mind to the opportunities in the world. “Stardust” stands out in particular, which is about is about a boy who never grew up, lived amongst the stars, and ran across meteor showers. It is a lovely poem shows what it means to truly shine.

Readers will find the mix of topics in “The Girl Who Bled Ink” by Eve Annajane wonderfully refreshing. In addition to being entertained and inspired, the readers will view the world with renewed wonder. Teenagers will recognize themselves in the poems, especially in the poem “magic”. Older readers will be reminded of what it means to be young (at heart) and will find that special spark in their heart once more. This is a poetry collection to proudly display in your bookcase!

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