“Book of the Month” October 2021

“Tina’s Aha Moments!”

Marion Mohnhaupt

Tina’s Aha Moments! – The book you wish you would have had as a child

In her newest book, “Tina’s Aha Moments!”, Marion Mohnhaupt proves that math can be learned by anyone if they allow their brain to do so.

According to this new book, there is a little mathematician in every child. However, like many other children, Tina is a young girl who finds that math is difficult and exhausting. She doubts her abilities in math and dislikes it. Then she recognizes learning as a superpower. She becomes curious and wonders, “How does learning actually work? Can I train my brain for math, similar to training my muscles?” With her new perspective she starts her very own treasure hunt and realizes that math is not quite as bad and hard as she always thought. This book tells a fascinating story with important insights into the working of our brains and math learning. It is valuable for children as well as for adults who shape the learning of children.

“Tina’s Aha Moments!” by Marion Mohnhaupt challenges limiting beliefs and ideas, arouses curiosity and will hopefully serve to inspire children in their math learning. It can help children to rediscover confidence in their math abilities – because at some stage each child started the journey with confidence, just to lose it somewhere along the way.

The author, Marion Mohnhaupt, born in 1969, lives in northern Germany. She works as an Integrative Learning Therapist with a focus on learning numbers, arithmetic, and math. She offers consultations, coaching, and therapeutic math learning interventions. Her passion is to encourage children, parents and teachers to adopt a modern, positive and more helpful way of thinking about math and to practice real mathematical thinking.


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