“Book of the Month” October 2020

“A Melody Called Peace”

Ellias Aghili Dehnavi and others

A Melody Called Peace – A fine selection of poetry, prose, articles, visual arts and musical notes

The collection “A Melody Called Peace” is a massive international collaboration between poets, authors and artists from different parts of the world.

The world has recently experienced enormous developments in different fields of science and technology. Space Shuttles are sent to outer space and discover the microscopic germs hidden in the textures of the elements. This book is here to make such progress in the very core of the readers’ hearts and to remind them that literature and art can bridge the souls of strangers and bless them with the sweet taste of peace and love. This book is the result of a massive international collaboration between poets, authors and artists from different parts of the world who answered the invitation call of the messengers of peace and civilization. The contributors to this book believe that peace is the result of the reconciliation of the opposites, and that poetry – in its simple but rich form – has the ability to convey the genuine and common concerns of all humankind living in different parts of the world while they hold different beliefs.

“A Melody Called Peace”, like a big and glamorous lantern, shines the light once more on the shadows which have tarnished the beloved peace; the melody of dozens of poets and authors will fondle the hearts of the residents of the world, reminding them of this famous phrase: Nil Desperandum!

The purposes of the book “A Melody Called Peace” are to see how people comprehend peace, to represent the language of peace in literature and arts, and to suggest approaches to global peace through the language of scientific works. While the undertaking seems to be ambitious, the authors, poets, and artists of all ages from different nationalities hope that they also speak for others in this collection. Similarly, they hope to demonstrate how the authors’ and artists’ handling of the current and previous wave of the necessity for peace determines their approach to character, plot, diction, style and creativity. This book is a must for everyone who loves an engaging as well as entertaining read.

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