Inside The War Room - "Book of the Month" US November 2019

“Book of the Month” November 2019

“Inside The War Room”

Rebecca Blum

Inside The War Room - "Book of the Month" US November 2019Inside The War Room – Inspiring reflections on interpersonal effectiveness

Rebecca Blum invites readers to learn how to be happier and live a peaceful life – tredition’s “Book of the Month” US November 2019.

As a student of political science and geopolitics and, more recently, as a strategy consultant for the German Ministry of Defence, reading the works of military theorist Carl von Clausewitz is one of the author’s favourite pastimes. She enjoys nothing more than strategy when it comes to her job and wants to share what she has learned about being effective on an interpersonal level with her readers. She explains that not only love, but all of life, is a battlefield and that you need a good strategy to have a chance at winning this neverending war. In her book, the author takes a closer look at this battlefield and the various wars people fight with others, and within themselves. Fighting these wars every day is challenging, but once conquered, people can manage their emotions and behaviours, learn to live and love freely and find inner peace.

The insightful book “Inside The War Room” by Rebecca Blum is a memoir and a meditation as well as a treatise. But it is also a collection of reflections on interpersonal effectiveness that aims to enable the cultivation of a mentality around self-awareness, a sense of agency, self-motivation and social awareness. By diving headfirst into the content of this book, readers can learn to be happier, more successful and more fulfilled. They learn who they are, what they really need and what they can give to others and the world in return.

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