“Book of the Month” November 2017

Those Sci-Fi Guys

Ray Carissimo

Those Sci-Fi GuysThose Sci-Fi Guys – a humorous Sci-Fi-parody from space

In Ray Carissimo’s “Those Sci-Fi Guys”, the galaxy’s greatest heroes can’t retire before the new generation has proven its worth.

For now, Gene Lucas Seasqrd and Sam Parseck are the greatest heroes in Earth’s Cosmos-Corps. However, they feel like it is time for them to retire and let the younger generation take over. The only problem: Saving the galaxy is serious work. Before they can retire, they have to be sure that Peter Pulsaar and Ray Jay Atamz are truly ready to take on the evil Darklone and his Zlythetaur minions. Seasqrd and Parseck have to continue for a while, and try to stop Darklone and his Havoccraft before it unleashes environmental destruction on Earth. They will also have to find a way to save the Animazon women from ecological disaster.

With so much to discover, readers of “Those Sci-Fi Guys” by Ray Carissimo will never be bored. One adventure chases the next, and the question of whether the next generation will ever be able to take over without causing havoc, will – at some stage – be answered. The younger generation’s romantic exploits may also impact their ability to be the heroes the universe needs. The fantastic Sci-Fi adventure is full of humor, but also excitement and thrills.

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