“Book of the Month” May 2021

“The Bestest of Friends”

Rachel Schoemer

The Bestest of Friends – Beautifully illustrated bedtime story

Rachel Schoemer’s “The Bestest of Friends” is the kind of book that makes children look forward to going to bed at night.

Charlotte, a little girl named with big blue eyes and lots of fiery red curls, lives in a little yellow house with green shutters. The tree house in a big oak tree is Charlotte’s favorite place in the world. From up there, she can see her whole hometown and plan all the adventures she is going to have. Charlotte always asks many questions, she loves exploring and trying new things. The adventures she makes up are always very exciting, but something very important is still missing in her wonderful plans: a best friend. She has many friends, of course, but not the one very special, best friend. So she begins her first adventure: the search for a true, best friend. Never did she imagine that just then a spaceship would crash right in her garden and deliver someone who might just fit the bill.

The quirky and fun illustrated chapter book “The Bestest of Friends” by Rachel Schoemer is best read aloud at storytime. It is a lovely story to send children off to the land of dreams and even make them look forward to going to bed. This book is a tribute and gift to the author’s best friend, a way of thanking her for years of support, love and laughter. The authors works in IT support at a bank, but she has always loved books and reading, going on wonderful adventures from the safety of her own home. Writing has been her hobby for many years and she only recently found the courage to share one of her stories with the world, hoping that children will find as much joy in her stories as she did while writing them.


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