Revelations of Divine Deception.

“Book of the Month” May 2019

Revelations of Divine Deception

James Winborne

Revelations of Divine Deception.Revelations of Divine Deception – Wise and critical thoughts on organized Christian religions

In James Winborne’s new book “Revelations of Divine Deception”, he explains what caused him to leave the church.

A thirst for knowledge, wisdom and understanding had always been part of the author’s life since grade school. So it is no surprise that he came to a point in life where he started to devour books, especially the Bible. By the time he became an adult and actively engaged in ministry, the scriptures were his true passion. To him, reading the bible was like a big bowl of ice cream. The more he “ate” from it, the more he wanted it. And he wanted to share what he learned with other people. He takes issue with Christians who said they loved the word, but they never read the actual book. In this book, he wants to encourage Christians to think. What they will find on these pages are questions. Some people might find them to be blasphemous, some will say, it is apostasy at its very worst. The author, however, is not viewing the questions from the perspective of organized religion, but from the perspective of someone who thinks for himself.

The insightful book “Revelations of Divine Deception” by James Winborne is a thoughtful journey into the mysteries and secrets of ancient and modern Christianity. The author helps readers to discover new age answers to old age questions. It is here where he wants his readers to realize that almost everything they have been taught by organized religion is a lie. By letting readers take part on his own journey for truth, he opens up doors to them. He wants Christians to truly understand the Bible – and encourage them to make up their own minds by reading it.

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