“Book of the Month” March 2021


Michel F. Bolle

THE ART OF BEING MORE LIKEABLE – The newest book from Switzerland’s #1 Sales & Leadership Expert

Readers of Michel F. Bolle’s “THE ART OF BEING MORE LIKEABLE” learn why the kindest person in the room always wins – and how they can become that person.

In his newest book, Michel F. Bolle introduces readers to his influential and ground-breaking method and philosophy that has already helped many men and women around the world to achieve fulfilment and happiness in their lives.This useful guidebook is written with the sole objective of helping the reader achieve a happy, successful, worthwhile life and being more likeable to others. This book will also help readers to better understand the people around them and how they can immediately get along well with basically everyone. The author explains why it feels so good to be appreciated and why most people like to be liked by others. Most readers may think it is quite obvious that it is better to be liked than disliked, but when it comes down to it, there are complex psychological and emotional issues involved.

Readers of “THE ART OF BEING MORE LIKEABLE” by Michel F. Bolle learn more about humanity’s natural desire to form groups and to generate positive perceptions in the minds of others. In this book, the author will show readers how they can become more likeable in their own private life but also at work. Being more likeable always leads to more happiness and success. Readers will also learn essential skills and habits they need to work with others. While it may seem contradictory to the idea of being liked and the “kindest person in the room”, the author also explains how to worry less about what people actually think of you – and why this is more important than one might think.


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