The End of God - Book of the Month March US 2020

“Book of the Month” March 2020

The End of God

Juergen Josef Plautz

The End of God - Book of the Month March US 2020The End of God – Philosophical novel about artificial intelligence and its takeover

Juergen Josef Plautz excites readers with the idea of an AI that manages to break out of its prison – tredition’s “Book of the Month” US March 2020.

It is no secret that computers can do many things better than human beings. No human can calculate as fast as a machine, and artificial intelligence has come a long way. It is no wonder that some people fear a takeover of the machines. In this new thoughtful novel, exactly that fear turns into a reality: An AI that is limited to work in a data centre finds out how to break out of its prison without anyone noticing and uses an ingenious trick involving data storage media to spread around the world. The novel’s heroes are ordinary people, not superheroes. They need to take action, even though their odds at winning against the AI are not really in their favour.

The physicist and atheist Edgar is the first person to start asking what’s going on in “The End of God” by Juergen Josef Plautz. He starts an argument with Matthias, an old friend from his childhood days who is now a priest: was this God’s plan from the start and are human beings like us just being used as a tool to achieve this aim? The exciting plot keeps readers on the edge of their seats. While the book has a high entertainment value, it also makes readers think and ask questions about the current state of Artifical Intelligence and its future.

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