“Book of the Month” March 2018

“LUMINARIES (Full Color)

Phoenix Marcón

LUMINARIESLUMINARIES (Full Color) – An amazingly uplifting book of original quotes

Phoenix Marcón teaches the readers of “LUMINARIES (Full Color)” that they already have all the tools they need to live a more fulfilled life.

Life can be terribly tough at times, and some people feel like they do not have it in them to inspire and motivate themselves. They feel like they cannot get back on their feet without outside help. When people feel like they have no friends or family to rely on or help them with their problems, depression often hits them hard. A person can be filled with so much negative energy that they end up in a downward spiral with their self-esteem plummeting into unknown depths. But there is another way out. In this new book, readers will learn how to turn these moments around – by themselves. By seeing how others have pulled themselves out of similar situations, they learn how to inspire themselves intellectually and morally.

The amazingly motivational book “LUMINARIES (Full Color)” by Phoenix Marcón was specially created to suit the modern age. It encourages people to live their lives around five vital elements: Loving, Living, Leisure. Laughter and Learning. The content of this book is easy to understand. There are no complex psycho-babble or outlandish new age terms. The aim of the various ideas in this book simply is to help readers to truly help themselves, and then hopefully to never need another self-help book again. Readers will learn to tap their own inner resources and gain the knowledge that they can be their own wise teachers.

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