“Book of the Month” June 2021

“Illusion Human”

Heinz Kaletsch

Illusion Human – A fascinating book on what humans really are

Readers of Heinz Kaletsch’s “Illusion Human” are invited to be inspired and to let change into their lives.

Who or what exactly is a human being? Are humans just a body with a brain that has a consciousness and a spirit for the time of their earthly existence? Does the spirit just disappear after death, or is the human consciousness immortal? What exactly is its purpose? Do we have a free will? Is there good and evil? What about the ego? And is today’s knowledge about the human brain the last word on the subject? This new book aims to answer these questions and more. With the help of his own life experience, ancient spiritual traditions, new findings of modern mortality research and genetics, theology, medicine, and quantum physics, the author provides convincing evidence that humans are much more than the human body suggests. In this book, readers are encouraged to renew their perspectives, rethink their values and accompany the author on a journey that gives an inkling that humans are truly something much greater than a materialistic worldview can convey.

The richly illustrated book “Illusion Human” by Heinz Kaletsch is written for those who like to be inspired, who are open to new models and who want to get a complete perspective on life. The author invites readers to break up with the paradigm of inevitable death. According to him, all people are one with the universe and together creators of something new and even greater. Readers of this book need to be ready to be inspired and will notice a change in their life if they really let the information in this book sink in. Heinz Kaletsch was born in 1960 and has been working for global IT companies for over 35 years. Years of practical experience in meditation, spiritual healing and shamanic journeys have led him to a modern, holistic worldview. He lives with his family in Germany in beautiful Bavaria.


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