“Book of the Month” June 2019

“The Entrusted”


The Entrusted

The Entrusted – Exciting Dystopia

Chaddanta takes readers of “The Entrusted” on a journey they won’t forget very soon.

Politicians promise to act in people’s best interest – but their actions go a few steps too far in this new dystopian novel. The politicians’ deceptive and irresponsible actions trigger a mass migration. Millions of people have had enough. They go away to look for a new home and a better life – a safer life. Many of these people have lost everything they own during civil wars. Others are driven by religious fanaticism or are simply daring adventurers. They are taken in by a culturally ossified nation with no desire for self-assertion, dominated by corrupt elites and a manipulative media.

Unfortunately, the new home people find in “The Entrusted” by Chaddanta isn’t that much better than their old one. Politicians still wear masks behind which they hide their true intentions. False promises from a state leadership which doesn’t stand behind its citizens and the unfulfilled expectations of the immigrants lead to a civil war-like development that ends in an apocalypse. Readers will follow the developments with excitement, but also some concern. After all, many of the events within the story aren’t that far from what could really happen thanks to politicians who only care about power. Hence, the novel does not only act as great entertainment but also as a warning about the direction humanity is taking.

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