“Book of the Month” June 2018

“SHE Plays Boogie-Woogie & Blues Piano

Ulrike Gaate and Jan Preston

SHE Plays Boogie-Woogie & Blues Piano – Advice and exercises for piano players with small hands

SHE Plays Boogie-Woogie & Blues PianoIn their new music book, “SHE Plays Boogie-Woogie & Blues Piano”, Ulrike Gaate and Jan Preston make the joy of playing boogie-woogie and blues music accessible to all piano players.

Boogie-woogie, an intoxicating music style that touches the heart and uplifts the spirit of players and listeners alike, is a male-dominated field. Female pianists are seriously underrepresented because they usually lack a male’s large hands and his strong physique. While these male characteristics are clearly an advantage when playing this style of music, they are not a necessity to become a proficient player. When boogie-woogie, blues, rock, and rock ‘n’ roll elements are combined, the pianist receives the freedom to play unaccompanied and to present a repertoire that is based on their own particular strengths – and small hands do not have to be a disadvantage here. In addition, the rules of improvisation and how to jam along with other musicians are much easier to learn than in complex jazz music.

Thanks to “SHE Plays Boogie-Woogie & Blues Piano” by Ulrike Gaate and Jan Preston, women and girls can now take heart and will be perfectly able to groove and boogie with the best of players by adjusting the notes and licks to a smaller hand with a lighter touch. This book was created to help and inspire female players of all ages to experience the uplifting energy and abundant possibilities of this style.

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  1. Jan Preston says:

    Ulrike and I have loved writing this book, and only wish a resource such as this had been available for us when we were starting out. I’ve been knocked out by the response we’ve had from people around the world! Thanks so much folks, keep practising, and thanks to Tredition as well!


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